CCPA – What It Means for You and Your App

What is CCPA? The California Consumer Privacy Act is a revolution in the data privacy rights of the American people.  Much like the GDPR in Europe, CCPA aims to regulate how companies can capture and distribute your data. America still…

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app trends 2020

App Trends 2020

A new year gives us the opportunity to look forward at what advancements are likely to dominate the world of apps in 2020. Here’s our prediction of what trends you’re going to be seeing a lot of this coming year.…

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why apps dont work

5 reasons why apps don’t work

On the face of it a very controversial statement for a mobile first company, isn’t it? So, let’s first explain what we mean. It’s not a blanket statement that all apps don’t work. Of course, many many apps DO work…

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Kumulos Features Update – Fall ’19

All Kumulos features are designed to help you engage the audience of your app. After all, it is how today’s customers, guests, fans and loyalty card members want to interact with your brand or business. Whether your app is intended…

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mobile messaging

5 Tips for effective mobile messaging

Engaging your app’s users with mobile messaging is one of the most powerful forms of direct marketing in the app industry today. Mobile message marketing can reach your entire user base, even when accounting for different time zones, in different…

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How to Improve Mobile User Engagement

Mobile user engagement is something you should aim to continually improve. So, let’s be clear what’s meant by the term mobile user engagement. In mobile marketing, engagement is the term used for an interaction between a user and an app.…

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