Project Karma

Running an app development project is hard. It’s hard to get the right balance, its hard to work out where to focus your high cost and high value resources and its hard to be sure you have all the project stages fully covered, so we build Karma.

Making more money from App Development – for free

If you build apps for money, are you sure

  • You’re billing for all the good work you do
  • You’re not losing out on money that could grow your business

Karma is the free, anonymous and completely confidential way to use the wisdom of the crowd and benchmark your app development project.

Karma takes the 19 most critical stages in an app development project and shows where your project may be out of balance. You can then decide to leave as it is because it feels right for this particular project or take a closer look.

We built it just to help better scope all stages of the app life-cycle. But we’ve found its being used in much more creative ways.

  • Shared Internally to create discussion/debate on a proposal.
  • For building proposals and defining key stages in project plans
  • Used by specific functions to argue for more focus on their area
  • Shown to customers to demonstrate project fit with best practise.

How you use it is up to you.

Its free, anonymous , you don’t have to share any any confidential commercial information and you can easily share it with colleagues or customers.

Get some Karma into your mobile app project today.

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