With Kumulos there are no blind spots. You get full 360 degree visibility with API endpoint monitoring without touching the app code! Kumulos means you can easily see the status and condition of every API your apps rely on. It flags problems before any users are impacted. Shows API availability, latency and payload so you can proactively deliver a fast and responsive mobile app. No Integration with the app is required.

endpoint monitoring


Kumulos lets you proactively spot problems before they start to impact the audience of your app!

  • Every 5 minutes, from 5 locations, Kumulos will make an HTTP Request to your API Endpoint
  • Kumulos will check the response code, response time and optionally validate the JSON payload
  • Integrate Slack or Microsoft Teams to be immediately alerted of any problems
  • See trends over time – last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and more
  • Report uptime against SLAs
  • View incident history of each endpoint
  • Drill down to see individual error details
  • Correlate outages with crash reports
  • Quantify the impact on your app’s audience

The Kumulos APM platform comes with a comprehensive range of services covering the entire life cycle of the app. 5 integrated services include app store optimization, analytics & reporting, backend hosting, crash reporting & endpoint monitoring and an award winning push notifications service.

Kumulos provides you with a management console that delivers comprehensive visibility on how the app is performing technically and commercially, and the features, such as push notifications and app store optimization to deliver better results from the app.

It’s easy to setup and there’s no SDK required. Start monitoring now by signing up for a free 30 day trial .


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“Kumulos is exactly what our development process was waiting for, one service to rule them all!
With Kumulos we can finally provide our customers with a complete solution for the whole life-cycle of their apps.”

– Ludovico Giammarino, CEO, Beeapp srl – Italy