Kumulos Companion App

Try Kumulos out on your own mobile phone, from a live Kumulos Account. This way you can see the power and capabilities of the system, without having to install it on your own app first.

Kumulos App

Simply download the app from iTunes or Google Play and follow the instructions to pair your device with your Kumulos account.

Once you have the Kumulos App on your phone and a Kumulos account set up all you have to do is scan the QR code. This pairs the app on your phone with your Kumulos account and you are ready to go.

Now you can send unlimited push notifications & in-app messages, try out deferred deep linking, create geofences and set up automations to send messages when you enter or leave a location. You can pair as many devices as you want with each Kumulos App account.

Set up a Kumulos account and try us for free.