Life After Parse

Kumulos welcomes Parse developers

So you currentParse - the endly use Parse back-end for your mobile app projects? Well there is life after Parse. With the surprise announcement  that Parse is pulling down the shutters, you now have a decision to make. One thing is for sure, if you want your apps to be working beyond January 2017 you’ll have to get moving.


Three options

  • Migrate to Parse open source – hope the community supports the things you need, such as ongoing new platform SDK upgrades and the 40+ outstanding issues reported on Github repo. Also hope the many features not being open sourced get addressed over time –  no analytics, no key/value store for config, no UI to browse your data, no job scheduling.
  • Move mBaaS & Push provider – a specialist dedicated provider you can trust – one that’s been around doing what it’s doing for more than 5 years and will be there for at least another 5. Here’s an easy to follow migration guide to help you if you take this route.
  • Build it and run it yourself – take on the hosting and management of the backend infrastructure, including the labor costs to maintain it. May look like an option, but fully loaded, unless you have real scale, it’s by far your most risky option.

Parse closing down isn’t the end of the world, or the end of mBaaS as a technology. You’ll still want someone to manage the server-side for your mobile apps. You’ll still want to focus on building awesome, rich mobile apps for your clients and let someone else worry about 24/7 management of the app backend.

There’s also a silver lining, if you build apps for clients, this could be your chance to change the way you work. So you have a chance to build better apps for your clients, and build a better business for you. This range of services can show you how.

Kumulos will share your pain

We know the money (and time) that this could be costing you. If you’re lucky you can have “that conversation” with your clients and get them to pay for the migration. If not you may have to suck it up yourself.

Either way we’ll offer you something to soften the pain.

  • All in one solution – Backend, Analytics, Push Notification and App Store Optimization all in one.
  • Just Push – If you’re just using Parse Push, replace with Kumulos Push.
  • Nothing to pay until your apps are rebuilt and out in store*
  • Unlimited number of development accounts. Unlimited number of push messages and active devices.
  • Free unlimited AWESOME support to help you with the migration.
  • Bring your Own Data – Free data import service and hookup feature so you can keep using existing data sources.
  • Migration support – we can do the heavy lifting for you and take care of the migration for you. Contact us for prices.

You have until January 28 2017 before Parse closes for good.

Don’t panic, but don’t hang about either. The sooner you start, the more time you give app users to update their app.

Kumulos is life after Parse. Register for a trial account today.

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