Building and launching a mobile app is just the start.

Driving downloads and then making sure users are highly engaged, so you retain them for longer, is what will ensure mobile app success. The Kumulos Mobile Marketing Automation Platform can be retro-fitted to any app, or built in at the start, to help build app audiences, drive up app use and keep them using the app for longer so you drive the maximum commercial success from the app.

App Portal, fully rebrandable

Login to the App Portal and see how your app is performing, analyze app store performance, view analytics, manage and see results from push notification and in-app messaging campaigns as well as manage app content to keep the app up to date.

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Build your Audience with App Store Optimization

To ensure the app gets its fair share of organic downloads from Apple and Google stores. Track competition, stay on top of reviews and user feedback and optimize keywords to make sure you attract the right users.

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Campaign Automation with Push Notifications & In-App Messaging

Plan and execute intelligent highly targeted campaigns to engage and retain users for longer and drive the right commercial results from the mobile app.

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Insightful & Action based Analytics & Reporting

Give yourself a 360 degree mobile app view. From downloads to active users, user behavior, user retention, conversions and user journeys in an easy to use intuitive interface. Know what’s happening in your app so you can drive the most effective campaigns.

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Attract the right users. Don’t get lost in the crowd

    Kumulos Mobile Marketing Automation platform helps you build your audience by getting apps found in the app store. Quickly and effectively target the right people, so the right users download your apps from Google and Apple stores. Our App Store Optimization feature lets you analyze app competitors so you can make sure you position apps intelligently and stand out from the competition. Then continually optimize the app store listing to ensure you get your fair share of downloads.
  • Keyword Analysis – helps you decide which keywords you are best to target
  • Keyword tracking – shows how your app is performing for your chosen keywords against your apps competition
  • Track Reviews – user feedback to ensure that the app is giving users what they need
  • User feedback – to help shape your app roadmap with the most requested features
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Engage users. Get their attention

There’s little point attracting app downloads if your app doesn’t grab and keep users attention. Kumulos Mobile Marketing Automation platform helps you engage app users so they hang around and use your app frequently. Kumulos lets you easily and effectively communicate the right content to the right user so they only get relevant information from the app.

  • Build Push Notification & In-App Messaging Campaigns with highly targeted content and location based automation with Geofences and Beacons to drive user engagement
  • Automate push notifications so you communicate relevant information at the most appropriate time
  • Schedule Push Notifications at the time that users are more receptive to interact
  • A/B test messages so you can learn and refine the best approach
  • View results easily through our comprehensive 360 degree view of the app user
  • Have the choice of Push Notifications or integrate SMS and/or Email Communication for omni-channel campaigns
Increase retention with push notifications

Retain users. Hold their attention for longer

The Kumulos Mobile Marketing Automation platform helps you maximize the life-time value of app users by holding their attention for longer and keep them engaged in your app.

  • Catch users before they dis-engage with intelligent targeted & timely notifications to draw users back into the app.
  • Automate Push Notification Campaigns to ensure you regularly draw users back to the app
  • Time Notifications to when users are most responsive
  • Location based targeting to trigger messages when users enter geofences or in proximity to beacons
  • With Retention analytics slice and dice app user behavior to understand who your high value users are, so you can focus retention strategies effectively.
  • Understand and manage the technical performance of the app, to ensure that the app is quick, stable and responsive and the experience is awesome
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Monetize App users. So you drive commercial success

Whatever the commercial goals of the app, with Kumulos Mobile Marketing Automation you can understand user behavior and customer journeys to ensure you drive the best possible commercial success from your app.

  • Optimize app usage and conversions with Kumulos conversion funnels and user journeys
  • Automate push notifications to tie into user behavior
  • Build trigger Push Notification Campaigns to encourage users to complete in-app purchases
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