shoutem and kumulos partnership

Affordable Apps for Everyone with Kumulos & Shoutem Partnership

The growth in low-code development platforms is making apps more affordable for everyone. Kumulos’ new partnership with Shoutem allows highly sophisticated mobile apps to be built with little or no technical skills.

By using Kumulos and Shoutem you have everything you need to build and run mobile apps – at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the complexity normally required to build apps.

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Announcing the partnership, Kumulos Founder & Director, Bob Lawson says, “The goal of this partnership is to accelerate mobile innovation. At Kumulos we’re all about simplicity, without compromising capability. By using Kumulos and Shoutem, apps can be built faster with less technical resource, substantially reducing costs and delivering innovation faster. Shoutem’s low code development platform makes apps even more affordable for everyone, add to this the power of the Kumulos platform and you have the perfect solution for every app.

Shoutem, CEO Davor Culjak, adds “Equipped with the tools that Kumulos provides to monitor and optimize mobile app performance, mobile apps built with Shoutem will be taken to the next level. The complementary nature of the technology with Shoutem enabling front end app development and Kumulos supplying the backend piece enables faster and less complicated mobile app development.


Shoutem is the most powerful DIY app builder platform. With Shoutem, any business or reseller can easily create apps for iOS and Android at a fraction of the cost. It’s so easy to use Shoutem’s Drag and Drop UI, then publish the apps to the App Store and Google Play Store.


Whereas Shoutem allows for easy app development, Kumulos then provides all the additional server side technology which an app needs to be successful. E.g. analytics technology to understand how the app is performing and see where areas of improvement can be made, technically and commercially, as well as providing tools like Push Notifications and App Store Optimization to drive commercial success from the app. Overall, Kumulos makes the app built using Shoutem a success.


The world of app development moves at a lightning pace, while at the same time the cost and timescales for building apps the traditional way make it prohibitive for many, many businesses. This is why many are turning to low code app development platforms like Shoutem for building mobile apps.

With Shoutem, there are over 40 screen types, 200+ customizable layouts and more than 40 extensions in the Extension Marketplace. All you have to do is select your preferred style or layout and customize your app with the desired features.

Meanwhile, with Kumulos being the system of choice for professional app developers across the globe, it’s perfect for those using a low code platform and allows them to build rich in-app experiences.

Kumulos makes it easy to add all the services needed to run the app and make sure its successful, including Analytics, Push Notifications, Crash Reporting and if the app needs it even App Store Optimization. What’s more, you’re able to manage all Kumulos services through through one single dashboard!


Using a low code app development platform like Shoutem will make your life easier. Shoutem makes it simple to integrate with existing enterprise environments without requiring developers having to write their own APIs or integrations. Database connections, user verification, directory services and more are all bundled up into handy to use libraries. Simply drag, drop and you’re done.


Shoutem is a platform to rapidly deploy cost-effective mobile apps for individuals, clubs, and small budget SMEs. They are a venture backed company and are here to change the world. The team believe mobile apps should be affordable for everyone, launch fast, require no coding skills and be simple to set up. That is Shoutem‘s mission!


Kumulos App Performance Management platform comes with a comprehensive range of services covering the entire life cycle of the app. Its 5 integrated services include app store optimization, analytics & reporting, backend hosting, crash reporting & endpoint monitoring and its award winning push notifications service, which received awards from Business of Apps, Mobile App Daily and The Tool. It provides a management console that delivers comprehensive visibility on how the app is performing technically and commercially. It’s easy to setup and there’s no SDK required.

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