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Kumulos Named Best Push Notification Platform

Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but we here at Kumulos are proud of our award nominated app development platform.

But it’s also nice when your industry, your peers and the press recognizes your accomplishments as well. So forgive us if we take just a tiny amount of space to toot our own horn a little.

First up – Kumulos was named as one of the Best Push Notification Platforms by Appsee. Considering that we’ve only been offering push here at Kumulos for a little over a year, that’s not too shabby to get ranked alongside industry long timers like PushWhoosh, Urban Airship and

Secondly, Kumulos was highlighted in Kim McAllister’s column on the Scottish Business Network website. Kim spoke to Kumulos founder Mark Petrie about geofencing, our expansion plans in the United States  and the 300% – yes, that’s not a typo – revenue increase from last year.

And when we look back at the year, we’re still amazed. Just in the past few months we’ve added crash reporting, analytics, geofencing, improvements to our push notification platform, and the Kumulos Approved Partner Program – and we’ve still got two months to go in 2017!

But we couldn’t have done it with all our great customers and their input on making Kumulos the best development platform for mobile app agencies in the world.