kumulos push notification geofencing

Geofencing Now Available in Kumulos

Here at Kumulos we like to keep our development team busy continuously improving our app development platform. Our latest addition to the Platform is Push Notification Geofencing.

In the past few months alone, we’ve brought you app analytics, SDKs for Unity, Xamarin, React Native, and for push notifications, campaign automation and even Emojis.

But that just wasn’t enough.

Which is why we’re proud to announce the addition of Push Notification geofencing to our platform.  With geofencing, you can send hyper targeted push notifications to users triggered by their physical location radius between 1 meter and 10000 (that’s over 6 miles to those of you reading in the US of A).

The service lets you pre-select segments and channels so you can tightly target who would automatically receive the push notifications. Notifications are triggered upon entering or exiting the geofenced area. App users can be targeted, for example, when they enter a specified retail location to alert them to sales, giveaways or special pricing.

What else is so great about geofencing? Perhaps the number one reason is that it’s still a wide open marketing field. According to Search Engline Watch’s 2016 State of Mobile Advertising Report, only 22% of marketers say that they’re using hyperlocal advertising, like geofencing to its full potential. Which means that by adding geofencing to a client’s app, you’re already putting them ahead of 88% of their competition.

Ready to get started with Push Notification Geofencing in your client’s apps?

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