polygon geofence

Kumulos enhances Geofences to give pin-point geo-targeting

The Development Team have been busy. This latest enhancement to our Push Notification Service and the Geolocation targeting feature provides Kumulos users with the ability to provide a polygon geofence option to provide the most accurate and exact geofence push notification triggering available anywhere.

Kumulos now comes with the option to have simple radial geofences or more complex multi-point polygon geofence for when you need to build extremely accurate boundaries to trigger automated push notifications.

This is the latest in a series of feature additions to the Kumulos Mobile App Marketing Automation Solution, that recently included adding improved beacon support. The Kumulos Mobile App Marketing Automation solution helps Mobile App Developers drive commercial success from the mobile apps they build. Traditionally, professional mobile app developers have concentrated on just the build phase of the life of a mobile app. Increasingly their clients are asking for more. They now increasingly expect their development partner to also help them deliver commercial results from their app. They now expect support, advice and the technology to ensure the considerable investment in a mobile app delivers the commercial results they need. This is where Kumulos helps.

It provides mobile app developers and their clients all the tools they need to build the app user base, engage users, retain users and monetize users.

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