Campaign Planning

Kumulos Adds Powerful Campaign Planning to Award Winning Mobile Engagement Platform

At Kumulos our customers talk and we listen. You’ll come across many companies that talk the talk. We on the other hand walk the talk. You see, we work with our customers to make sure we add features to save them time and make their lives easier. That just how we roll. A great example of this comes from one of our latest feature releases to our award winning User Engagement Platform – campaign planning with advanced message scheduling and recurrence.

For businesses that have regular programs they want to communicate to their mobile app users, this can be time-consuming and labor-intensive

  • Hotels, Restaurants & Bars with monthly or weekly promotions and events
  • Vacation Resorts with weekly or two weekly events through a season
  • Coffee shops regular promotions such as seasonal roasts
  • Theme parks with daily events to promote to on-site visitors
  • Retailers with sale or store opening count-downs

Indeed any business, that wants to communicate similar messages on a regular basis to their customers, will love this new campaign planning feature.

As we said, we are everything about saving our customers time and money, as well as making their lives easier. No more repeatedly building messages to then post-date their delivery. Now you can choose exactly the day and time you want each message to arrive and then schedule the sequence.

Fully editable, cancel a message out of a sequence, edit each message, or add additional messages to a sequence with a couple of clicks.

A simple change that has a huge impact on how customers use our messaging platform for campaign planning, collectively saving hundreds of hours in effort a month. Customers spoke, we listened and delivered in record time.

Want to have that level of service and support from your Mobile & Web Messaging platform, then come join the fun. Take Kumulos for a spin today – no obligation and no hard sell, EVER.