Kumulos Adds Preferred and Intelligent Delivery

Anyone trying to market an app knows the importance of timing push notifications and in-app messaging to succeed in engaging users. Improving open rates is testament to a successful marketing strategy.

Studies have shown 63% of notifications are sent at the wrong time, resulting in poor engagement. Highly targeting your messaging campaigns is always essential to seeing better open rates and achieving more goal conversions.

Kumulos has recently introduced the perfect feature to fit the needs of our users, ‘Preferred & Intelligent Delivery’!

Choosing the right moment that you think your users will engage with your messages using time-targeting allowed apps to achieve better levels of engagement than just sending push notifications regardless of time-zones or knowing when users were active on your app. But these messages were sent without really knowing if this was the best moment to contact that specific user.

With the introduction of Intelligent Delivery, now you can allow the Kumulos system to analyze app use data for each individual user and, through automations, perfectly time the sending of notifications every time! Alternatively ‘Preferred Delivery’ gives the user the opportunity to input data about when they wish to receive notifications from your app.

Try Preferred and Intelligent Delivery now and experience:

  • Automated systems intelligently timing messaging to always arrive at the right time
  • Make your campaigns work for each individual app user
  • Improve engagement and conversions through eliminating guesswork
  • Messaging users at a time specified by them that they want to hear from you
  • Easily evaluate campaign success with delivery receipts

Start innovating your push notification and in-app messaging campaigns with Preferred & Intelligent Delivery from Kumulos. Try this feature along with all the others available as part of your free trial of the Kumulos platform. This gives you the opportunity to try the Kumulos platform for yourself on a no contract basis. Try Kumulos today and make push notifications and in-app messaging campaigns that work for you and your users!