crash reporting integrations

Crash Reporting Integrations for Trello, Slack and Jira

You spent a long time building an app. You don’t want it to crash. But sometimes it happens. So now the goal is to keep it from happening again. Which, of course, is why we introduced Kumulos Crash Reporting & Diagnostics a few weeks back.

But, as you probably know, we here at Kumulos can’t stop when it comes to improving our award nominated mobile app performance management platform. We love our developers. And if there’s anything that a developer likes to do, it’s….well, develop. So we keep them busy.

To that end, we’ve just finished adding two new crash reporting integrations for Kumulos, with another shortly on the way. You can now send Kumulos Crash reports to Slack, Trello and Jira, ensuring that bugs are reported and tied into your development workflows.

And that’s just the beginning. We’ve got a lot of exciting new platform additions to come even before the end of the year. And for 2018? Don’t get us started. It’s shaping up to be the most exciting year for Kumulos ever.

Thanks for joining us!