Kumulos Launches enhanced Geo-location Targeting

Kumulos works tirelessly to bring our customers ever more powerful and effective features to the Kumulos Unified Mobile App Development Platform. Enhancements to Geo-location targeting for our Push Notification Service, the latest example.

Everything we do is focused around one simple objective – to help our customers drive greater commercial success from mobile apps. Location triggered push notifications is one of the most effective ways to send highly relevant Push Notifications at the exact time users are most likely to engage.

It is hugely valuable for any business where location is important. Apps around Retail, Loyalty schemes, Hospitality, Entertainment and Travel are the most obvious uses. But as technology moves on, and beacon technology in particular becomes more effective and affordable, the use of Geo-location Targeting will be essential for any business where physical presence is important.

With Kumulos you can now manage Geo-location targeting for Push Notifications from our easy to use, re-brandable, Mobile Marketing Automation Console. This lets you create, manage and measure the success of Push Notifications whether they are triggered from GPS driven Geofences or close proximity blue tooth from Beacons. Kumulos lets you use both Geofences and Beacons in conjunction with each other to create incredibly rich, location targeted, campaigns. We support both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols and also Estimote Beacon Technology which means that Push Notifications can be managed and triggered regardless of whether the app user is on iOS or Android devices.

These latest enhancements make Kumulos the most powerful Mobile Marketing platform available anywhere today.

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