Mobile App Sales Tool

Kumulos Launches Sales Feature to Help Mobile App Developers Win More Customers

Kumulos launches powerful new mobile app sales tool to help mobile app development businesses win more customers and grow their businesses.

Kumulos the platform of choice for Professional Mobile App Developers

Kumulos has for many years been recognized as the platform of choice for professional mobile app developers. With a range of specialist features specifically designed to help mobile app developers better engage and better serve their customers, it’s not surprising that today Kumulos is used by thousands of developers in more than 20 countries around the world.

Kumulos specialist features for Professional Mobile App Developers include:

        • Full system re-branding from the interface, Customer Portals, login screens, customer reports and even hosted on a custom domain.
        • Customer Portals – where customer login to manage their app, run campaigns and view performance.
        • Document Sharing – Pre-sales and project documents stored on Kumulos to keep things organized.
        • Easy ability to package up Kumulos and sell Managed App Services to clients to get them on a monthly retainer.

Today we announce the latest awesome feature that helps companies stand out, be different, offer more and win more customers with a Customizable Demo App feature.

This allows mobile app developers to have better pre-sales engagement with prospective clients. It lets you set up a sub-account for prospective clients under your fully re-branded master account. Then you just add a demo app, re-brand it, rename it for the client and give them a login. Now, as part of your sales pitch, you can show just what they can expect when they work with you. With their login they can see the rich powerful features they get as part of your service. Features built with one thing in mind –  to make sure their app is more successful. Leave your clients with their very own login, send them a sample report on email and let them browse through “their” app to help them make the decision to work with you.

Kumulos Mobile App Sales tool gives you

The Demo App makes it easy to show your clients what their account looks like with their app installed.

        • Deep insights into user experience – who is using the app, where are the located, what time of day user are in the app, session length, user engagement & retention and more.
        • Customer journeys & conversions – easily track onboarding and in app journeys to see weak spots and optimize app conversion rates.
        • App Store/Google PlayStore performance – drive more downloads by analyzing key word search ranks, star ratings & reviews.
        • Mobile Campaign Automation Portal – shows how “your” platform gets users more engaged. The easy way to run Notification Campaigns – build highly targeted audiences and if you want trigger with geofences and beacons. Easily see the results.
        • Manage in app content – so your customers have easy control over their live app content.

All this and more.

So now with the Kumulos Mobile App Sales tool Demo App you can spice up your pre-sales engagements, show prospective customers the additional value you offer over your competition, so its you they select to build their mobile app.
Already, Kumulos customers are closing more mobile app build projects, thanks to Kumulos. If you want to grow your mobile app development business and you’re not yet using Kumulos then you’re definitely losing out.

Give Kumulos a try today or book a demo and we’ll show you just how others are making Kumulos work for them.