Kumulos and NativApps sponsor Hackathon2 – March 2018

Here at Kumulos we love helping our partners create awesome apps. We also love giving back to our world wide user community. That’s why we were tickled pink when NativApps asked us to be part of Hackathon2 at the Universidad del Norte of Columbia on March 16 and 17.

“Through these type of initiatives we seek to encourage young talents to create their own companies and to develop skills such as creativity, innovation and teamwork”, said Gustavo De la Vega, CEO and Founder of NativApps.

Over 40 participants, grouped into multi-disciplined teams, were given the difficult task of building a social media app within 24 hours. The social app had to comply with specific objectives, such as the ability to create a user profile, automatic password reminders, and the publishing, deleting and “liking” of posts. A bonus was awarded for apps that allowed for the uploading of photos and the tracking of “trending” posts. All of the participants built their social media apps using industry leading Kumulos mBaaS.

The jury – made up of members of the NativApps team with experience in Graphic Design, UI/UX, Front-End and Back-End – had a hard time picking the best app. After a tough decision, they awarded the grand prize of $500,000 and a Ninja certification in programming to the team formed by Brian Ramírez and Juan Rodríguez, students of the Systems Engineering program at Universidad del Norte.

Their app, called Cóndor, met all the programming requirements of the Hackathon and, in addition, qualified for the photo bonus. When receiving their award, the team expressed their gratitude to the NativApps team, “Thanks to NativApps for giving us their support to learn and grow every day more as programmers.” 

Congrats again to the winning team and good luck to all the Hackathon-ers out there everywhere.

We’re always looking for opportunities to get involved with events like these. So if you’re looking for a partner, or have an idea for a Hackathon that you want to fly by us, why not drop us a line?