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Kumulos Launches updated UNITY SDK

Things never stand still at Kumulos and we are always listening to our partners when it comes to enhancing our platform. Here at Kumulos we understand that running a mobile app development business means you are asked to work with lots of different technologies and platforms. With that in mind, we have now updated our Unity SDK so Kumulos users can enjoy the full mobile application performance management experience when working with Unity apps.

The latest update allows you to offer your clients:

Crash reporting to ensure those hard-earned installs are enjoying a crash free experience and come back for more. If not, use our crash reporting to triage and prioritize issues fast before they impact the user base.

Session Analytics to gain actionable insight into when the app is being used, how long it is used for and how frequently it is being used. Use this data as part of push notification campaigns to reach users when they are most active and most likely to engage.

Custom Event Tracking to easily track and optimize conversions through important user journeys in any app. Quickly identify where users are getting stuck or dropping off in key stages of your clients’ app.

Enhanced Geo-Location Targeting – easily set up automated push notification campaigns to reach the right user, at the right time and at the right location to drive up engagement and retention using Geofencing and Beacons.

Kumulos Mobile App Performance Management is the platform for mobile app developers to manage the technical and commercial performance of mobile apps. One Single Pane of glass to view and manage mobile application performance and all powered by one lightweight SDK. Easily manage your mobile app projects, supported on a host of platforms and frameworks. Get in touch today or register for a free trial to find out how Kumulos can help your Mobile App Development Business be more successful.