Top App Analytics Companies 2020

Kumulos wins Best Mobile App Analytics Award 2020

Recognition for what you do is nice, sometimes. Especially in difficult times like these. So from COVID-19 home isolation, the whole Kumulos team was stoked to find out that Business of Apps had presented us (virtually of course, so with appropriate social distancing protocols observed) the Best Mobile App Analytics Award, FOR THE SECOND YEAR RUNNING. Simply amazing. Thank you Business of Apps.

The scope of the award was an extensive look at what analytics major mobile apps require to provide detailed visibility of app performance. It looked beyond the norm to consider a range of factors.

  • App Marketing Analytics (App Store Analytics)
  • In-App Analytics (User Behavior)
  • App User Experience Analytics (Technical performance of the app)

They were looking for Mobile Analytics Platforms that offered a truly holistic view of performance and as a result, recognized Kumulos as offering Best in Class visibility across all areas of App performance.

They said

“As much as mobile analytics (is) essential for planning, launching and analyzing results of a mobile advertising campaign, analysis of mobile app performance is no less important for an app business growth and prosperity.”

For us, that was great to hear. We have been banging that particular drum for a while now. It’s very much at the heart of the philosophy behind Kumulos. We see it as our mission, to make it easy for everyone and every app large and small, to have visibility across all areas of performance that can materially impact mobile app success. We passionately believe that its important to look beyond the easy to measure (and sometimes not that useful) data, such as total downloads, and really understand the relationship that the technical performance of the app has on App success. For example, an app that loads pages slow or features that don’t work properly will frustrate users. This leads to negative app reviews in Apple and Google Stores and discourages new downloads. It’s also important to know the impact this is having on user churn and the overall success of the mobile app.

Kumulos is the only Mobile Marketing Platform that gives you a single pane of glass to see User Experience, User Opinion and User Behavior Analytics all in one place. With best in class features that include Crash Reporting and API endpoint monitoring, App Store Optimization and User Behavior Analytics no other platform makes it easy to see, at a glance, how apps are performing and then let you see exactly what you need to do to drive improvements. Whether this is fixing critical bugs impacting many users, addressing poor page load speed from slow API data transfer, or the ability to proactively send highly targeted, personalized and relevant rich media messages to app users, encouraging them to use the full features of the app and stay with you for longer.

We are really proud of what we have built here at Kumulos. So it’s nice for others to recognize that too.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, then why not take us for a spin and sign up for a free trial. It’s quick and easy and you don’t even need an app to give us a try. Our Demo App and Companion App lets you experience our award-winning platform, before adding to your own app.