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Measuring your app’s success – how NS804 uses Kumulos

Measuring your app’s success can be hard work if you don’t have the right analytics and reporting tools. However, with a comprehensive app performance management platform, measuring your app’s success can be easy.

Don’t just take our word for it though, the team at NS804 have shared how they measure their clients’ app success using Kumulos!

You can read the full review here: How NS804 measure app success using Kumulos 

Just like NS804, we work with all of our clients during the lifecycle of their apps. Kumulos helps mobile app developers to deliver the best possible commercial outcome.

NS804, Richmond, Virginia, USA

NS804 is Richmond’s fastest growing mobile app development company. They pride themselves on their expertly-honed development skill set, and their commitment to not only produce high-quality apps, but to partner with clients, to help develop and grow their app with proven user acquisition and retention strategies.

They use Kumulos App Performance Management platform services to cover the entire life cycle of their apps. From app store optimization (ASO), to analytics & reporting, backend hosting, crash reporting & endpoint monitoring and push notifications. Watch the Kumulos case study video to learn how Kumulos helps NS804 earn more monthly revenue.

Kate Vinnedge, Director, NS804 says, “The push feature is great – not only does Kumulos keep track of all your analytics, it actually provides an actionable service. This is a powerful inclusion in the platform, as it gives you the ability to directly analyze user opening trends, and create a new push campaign based on your analytics, all without ever leaving the Kumulos service!

Kumulos all-in-one app analytics platform

Kate continues, “Not only does Kumulos provide a complete hub of all your ASO information, it’s very user friendly. This is especially due to the report feature, which allows you to send all the analytics of a campaign in an auto-populated PDF for easy dissemination of information. We love sending these reports to clients, as the data breakdowns are simple enough for anyone to digest – whether or not they know the theory behind ASO.

Learn more about how NS804 measures app success using Kumulos over on Mobile Marketing Magazine 

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