top push notification service

Kumulos is Top Push Notification Service for the second year running

We are delighted that Kumulos has been named as the Top Push Notification Service by BusinessofApps for the second year running. We are not in business to collect awards like this. We do it because we believe there’s quite simply a better way to provide a powerful, easy to use and affordable Push Notifications service that helps app owners make their app a success. That said, its nice to get recognition like this now and again.

In recent months we have added lots of features to allow our partners to deliver better outcomes for their clients and their apps. What we regularly get told is we offer the best balance of rich features and ease of use, with a good number of features that no one else offers that includes our Push Management Portal and full White Label capability.

Some of the awesome additions include:

  • Channels – let users subscribe to content they want to receive
  • Segments – quickly and easily build segments to filter target audience
  • Beacons – target users when they come into proximity with BLE beacons
  • Geofencing – target users when they enter or leave a specific area or location
  • Automation – fully automated mobile marketing campaigns to reach the right user at the right time
  • Updated Analytics – track conversion and get a 360-degree view on mobile app performance

It’s not just this award that has recognized Kumulos as the leader in Push Notifications. Its just one of many. Here’s just one example where Kumulos sits first of 18 of the top push notification service out there.

If you have not tried Kumulos yet and want to find out how thousands of mobile app developers use Kumulos to deliver better business outcomes for their clients, then sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial or drop us a line and we will be happy to show you what all the fuss is about.