Kumulos G2 awards

Users Love Us!

G2 have released their Fall reports for 2021 and we’re pleased to announce that we have once again been featured as a High Performer in 4 categories! It’s great to be included once again after we were featured in these categories for both the Spring and Summer 2021 reports earlier this year.

As well as being named a ‘High Performer’ for the third season running, we also were awarded another accolade this time round. The ‘Users Love Us’ badge is only awarded to company’s who receive more than 20 over 4 stars reviews in that season . Thank you to our loyal, happy customers who have given us glowing reviews and meant that we are rated 5/5 stars on G2!

What we love about being recognised in G2 reports is that it isn’t decided by G2. These awards are dictated by what our users have to say about us and that makes it even more rewarding that our customer experience is so positive. We look forward to continuing to make our users love us and the challenges brought by always ensuring an impeccable customer experience.

The categories we have received these awards for are –

  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile App Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service

We’re delighted to be acknowledged in so many categories, this emphasises that Kumulos really is the platform of choice to drive better user engagement and retain your app users!

We can take the complexity away from building and managing the server side of your app with our industry leading mBaaS, as well as bringing Kumulos users the benefits of award-winning push notifications that can be used in conjunction with our analytics feature to evaluate messaging campaigns to improve future campaigns and boost engagement.

You can use Kumulos to create rich, interactive messages and experiences. Push Notifications are the single, most effective way to retain your hard-won mobile audience. Reach and re-engage them with relevant and impactful messages and combine this with complete visibility of your app and its audience to increase the impact of your messaging campaigns with Kumulos Mobile App Analytics.

We know our stuff when it comes to Push Notification and Mobile App Analytics and it’s great to be acknowledged for the performance of these features of the Kumulos platform.

If you’d like to see why our services are award-winning, why not try for free or speak to one of our team who can give you a free demo of the Kumulos platform.