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Web Push Notifications added to Kumulos

Kumulos, the multi-award winning mobile user engagement provider, has augmented its platform with the addition of web push notifications.


With the addition of web-push notifications, Kumulos now provides customers with the world’s most advanced mobile user engagement platform. It’s the only fully integrated platform which lets you manage the technical and commercial performance of mobile apps and web push notifications, all from one platform.  If you’ve been using Kumulos for some time for your mobile marketing automation, take a look at how we now help you go beyond app engagement with web push notifications.


Web push notifications are notifications sent from web browsers to opted-in users on both mobile and desktop web.

On a mobile, web push notifications are delivered to the notification tray and look very similar to notifications coming from a mobile app. On a desktop, the web push notifications slide onto the screen.

As with any marketing, it’s essential to gain opt-in for web push notifications. Just like gaining consent for push notifications (or consent for in-app messaging) you need to gain opt-ins for web push notifications. With web push, people are able to subscribe with just one click. It is much easier than signing up for an email newsletter and less invasive than other types of marketing pop-ups.

Kumulos supports all major browsers and PWAs. Book a demo of Kumulos web push notifications and see how to:

When it comes to mobile engagement, customers of Kumulos are very excited with the recent addition of web push to our award-winning messaging platform. With the addition of web push, Kumulos now allows you to send all your messaging campaigns from one platform. Contact us today for a demo or, read on to learn more about other new features to help you increase engagement.


In addition to web push notifications, we’ve been hard at work to bring you other new features to increase engagement and drive real business results from your mobile app. So take a free trial of Kumulos and see how to improve messages with richer, actionable content, how to target your users and use event triggers and message expiry.


Web push notifications, and indeed all Kumulos features including push notifications, in-app messaging, analytics and more, are easy to setup. Start sending web push messages now by signing up for your free trial or book your product tour.  Kumulos’ secure, easy to use mobile user engagement platform is trusted by thousands of businesses in 25 countries across 7 continents – with millions of connected devices managing billions of API calls & messages a month.