Looking to switch from Parse? Try Kumulos.

Kumulos offers you something very different from Parse. For one, we’ll still be in business offering a great mBaaS, Analytics, App Store Optimization & Push Notification Services well after Parse shuts up shop.

Also, Kumulos is the only mobile mobile app management platform that’s focused on the specialist needs of mobile app and web development businesses. If you are an app development business for hire then Kumulos fits with your business.

Why Migrate from Parse to Kumulos

  • A system that’s been around for more than 5 years and will be around for at least 5 more
  • Support that’s engaging, helpful and proactive
  • Predictable, easy to understand pricing, that fits with how your run your business
  • Pay as you go pricing, no money down and no contracts
  • Brand Kumulos as yours and give your customers access to their own admin app backend
  • Powerful, stable, secure and scalable platform
  • Easy to set up – configure your first app on Kumulos in minutes
  • Multi-tenant – all your apps managed through one easy to use console
  • Granular account permissions, you decide which developers access what apps on same backend
  • Integrated analytics – showing active devices, device growth, API traffic and more
  • Bring your Own Data – free data upload service and hookup feature to make it easy to use existing data sources

We’ll share the Pain.

We know that this is going to cost you. Cost you time, maybe dent your relationship with your app customers. So we’ll help cushion the blow.

  • Nothing to pay until your apps are rebuilt and out in store
  • Unlimited numbers of development accounts – Free
  • Free unlimited AWESOME support to help you with the migration
  • Migration support – we can do the heavy lifting for you and take care of the migration for you. Contact us for prices.