Kumulos pricing gives you simple and predictable monthly costs for each service you use.

Only pay for what you need. No Contract, No Minimum Term and No Money Down.

Push Notifications

From $25 each app, each month

Push notifications are the most effective way to increase audience engagement in your clients’ apps. With Kumulos you let your clients manage their own campaigns. Free 30 day trial.

  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Easy to plan device based pricing
  • iOS (Obj-C & Swift) and Android
  • Event driven and campaign driven push
  • Build Segments to target Notifications
  • Offer Channels to target push content

App Store Optimization

$25 each app, each month

Drive more downloads. Optimize and managing Google and Apple App Store listings and stay on top of app store performance. No app store credentials required. Free 30 day Trial.

  • Show app ranks against key search terms and track over time.
  • Compare Android and Apple stores
  • Compares screenshots, store listings & different geographies.
  • Track reviews to measure the temperature of users

Analytics & Reporting

$25 each app, each month

With a few lines of code, you can add Kumulos Analytics to an existing app so you and your client can gain valuable insights into the audience and their behavior. Free 30 day Trial.

  • Daily and monthly active installs
  • Time of day and week when app is most used
  • Cities and countries with most active installs
  • Track how engaged your users are
  • iOS (Obj-C & Swift) and Android
  • Monitor App Response times

White Label Client Portal

$25 each client portal, each month

Invite your clients to login to their own client portal fully rebranded as yours. Let them see how their app is performing, manage push notification campaigns, view app store peformance and share documents with you. Free 30 day Trial.

  • View analytics, download reports, manage content and campaigns
  • Fully rebranded as yours, so its your name your clients see
  • Store, share and version control documents
  • Share monthly and weekly reports automatically through the customer portal
  • Let your clients see all they apps you manage for them, all in one place.


$50 each app, each month

Industry leading mBaaS that’s easy-to-use, drag & drop interface, SQL-based database hosting, in the cloud, for mobile apps. Fast setup, cross platform support and its free to use for 60 days.

  • Serverless App Development with redundant, reliable, scaleable database storage
  • Low code backend development with our drag and drop interface
  • SDKs for iOS (Obj-C & Swift), Android, Xamarin, Cordova and more
  • Use KScripts to integrate with web services and implement server-side logic
  • Let clients manage the content of their app themselves


$175 each month, all clients & all apps

Option to make Kumulos “your” system.  You can fully re-brand Kumulos so everything is in your name and your brand. Idea if you want to remove the Kumulos brand so its your brand your clients see every time.

  • Logo, color theme and URL all in your brand
  • Your brand at all touch points – login screen, portal, reports
  • Remove all references to Kumulos – we will never contact your client
  • Keep your name in front of your clients so you are there for any follow on work
  • Stand out from the crowd and offer more than your competition.

The mBaaS feature is free during development on 25 test devices, for up to 60 days. All other features are free for 30 days. For full details of mBaaS, File Storage and Hookup pricing see the App Build Pricing page.

Push Notification Service fee allows for 50,000 devices subscribed to the Notification Service. Above 50,000 devices an incremental charge applies. Contact us for a quote.

All prices quoted are exclusive of purchase tax.