Mobile App Developer Friendly Pricing

Kumulos is built to make your life easier. Not just the product but also our pricing.
Three different ways to pay means we offer you the plan that’s right for your business.
All our plans come with the same no contract, pay as you go, pay only for what you use pricing.
Start enjoying Kumulos for just the price of a cup of coffee a day.


Cost is always important, but especially so when you are a Startup.

So we offer a special plan suited just for start-ups, independent developers and mobile first businesses where they just want access to our industry leading services. Easily upgrade to our Enterprise plan when your business takes off and you need more support from us. 

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  • Month on Month payments
  • Pay only for the services you use
  • Email and community technical support
  • Option to upgrade to Premium Support for an additional monthly fee (minimum term 6 months)


We offer a Kumulos plan specifically suited to Enterprise-scale businesses. 

This comes with the flexible payment options enterprises need. You can add new services, upgrade support and plug into our Campaign Optimization services, whenever you need them.

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  • Choice of Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual payments
  • Option to upgrade to Premium Support for an additional monthly fee (minimum term 6 months)
  • Technical Training
  • User Training
  • Option to rebrand Kumulos as “Yours”, for an additional fee

Software Development/Mobile App Agency

Kumulos helps your business grow. With “your” system, you show how “your” fully integrated Mobile App Performance Management Platform helps deliver success for your customer apps.

Stand-out from the competition and win more clients. Offer your customers more and show them that you will help them be a success.

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  • Fully Rebrandable Platform
  • Customizable Demo App
  • Technical and Commercial Training
  • Canned Marketing Programs
  • Dedicated SLACK channel support
  • Unlimited Customer Portals
  • Unlimited Team Member Logins
  • Document Sharing
  • Sales prospecting tools
  • Sales prospecting reports
  • Service Price Cap

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