Mobile App Developer Friendly Pricing

Kumulos is a simple, predictable monthly costs for each feature you need.
We make it easy to bundle us up into your own Agency Service, add your margin on top and get more clients apps on retainer.

Push Notifications

Starting at $50 a Month, each App

App Store Optimization

$25 a Month, each App

App Hosting & Database (mBaaS)

$50 a Month, each App

Analytics & Reporting

$50 a Month, each App

Client Portal

$50 a Month, each Client

System-wide Re-branding

Contact us to discuss plan options

Only pay for what you need.

No Contract, No Minimum Term and No Money Down.

Prices exclusive of purchase tax.

Contact us to find out more about volume discounts and system branding plan options.

The mBaaS feature is free during development on 25 test devices or for up to 60 days which ever comes first. All other features are free for 30 days. For full details of mBaaS, File Storage and whats quotas are included see the App Build Pricing page.

Push Notification Service fee allows for 50,000 devices subscribed to the Notification Service. Above 50,000 devices an incremental charge applies. Contact us for a quote.