Kumulos is built for mobile app development businesses and anyone who manages multiple apps for their organization. It’s a platform purpose built to drive a better outcome for mobile app owners.

Simple and straight forward

All of our features come with a simple straight forward pricing. So, it’s easy to package Kumulos up and deliver as your services to your clients.

At Kumulos we like to say NO a lot

You only pay for the services you use. Switch off and walk away anytime. There’s NO minimum term, NO money down, so NO risk to you.

We charge how you’ll charge

All our services come with a try before you buy, 30 days free. You then pay monthly for each service you use, from just a few dollars a day. This makes it easy to offer services cost effectively to your mobile app clients, at a healthy margin for you.

The more you use, the more YOU make

The thing with Kumulos is our customer don’t think of us as a cost. They know that the more they use, the more services they are delivering to their customer and the more retainer based income they make. Also, because we are nice people, the more features you use and the more apps on our platform, the cheaper we get. Now that’s what they call double bubble.