Here at Kumulos, we have a lot of customers who have moved over from Kinvey to Kumulos. There are a number of reasons for that (10 to be exact). And that doesn’t include the eye-watering cost of Kinvey, with plans STARTING at $4,995 a month. For that you only get 3 production apps on Kinvey. Got 6 apps then you are looking at almost $10,000 A MONTH just for Kinvey.

Here are some reasons our customers tell us why they have chosen Kumulos over Kinvey. But in short we just make your life easier.

Image of Kumulos Analytics

Why customers haven chosen Kumulos over Kinvey:

  • Kumulos is easier to use and you can get apps launched much faster
  • Product Development has stalled on Kinvey
  • Kumulos offers a more powerful Push Notification Service than Kinvey
  • Kumulos gives you integrated Crash Reporting and API endpoint monitoring, Kinvey doesn’t
  • Kumulos give you integrated highly configurable Analytics, Kinvey doesn’t
  • Kumulos offers an automated reporting function, Kinvey doesn’t
  • The Kumulos System can be fully white labeled – you can’t remove the Kinvey branding from their platform
  • There is no way to track App Store or Play Store performance in Kinvey. But you can in Kumulos
  • Kumulos gives you more Client -side development options

Kumulos has been custom built for Mobile App Developers and is the only Mobile App Performance Management Platform that allows you to manage the full lifecycle of an App, both commercial AND technical.

Join thousands over other developers that have chosen Kumulos to drive better outcomes for their clients and sign up for a free trial today.

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