Having to move from Telerik to Kinvey mBaaS?

Not to worry, you are not alone and we are here to help.

If you are affected by the discontinuation of Telerik and are being forced onto an eyewatering subscription with Kinvey then we are here for you. We have already supported lots of other mobile app development companies like yours switch to Kumulos.

Kumulos is very different from Kinvey. It’s the only Mobile Application Performance Management Platform that’s focused on the specialist needs of Mobile App Development Companies. If you build apps for enterprise clients then Kumulos fits with your business, better than Kinvey can.

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  • Easy to set up – configure your first app on Kumulos in minutes
  • Powerful, secure, robust and easily scalable platform
  • Brand it as your own system and give you customers access to their own app analytics
  • Only pay for what you use – no hidden charges
  • Multi-tenant – all your app (and web) projects managed through one easy to use console
  • Granular account permissions so you decide which developers access what app on same backend
  • Analytics – easily integrated with one line of code – no further set up required

Why choose Kumulos over Telerik?

Kumulos has been around for years and will still be around for years to come. Thousands of Mobile App Development Companies trust Kumulos to provide a stable, secure and scalable mobile app performance management platform.

Telerik, now Kinvey, has made it perfectly clear it’s only interested in the largest of large enterprise businesses, with complex pricing that starts at an eye-watering high entry price. Whats more,  if you have an app success on your hands, then you’ll need to keep a keen eye on your bill. At Kumulos we do things differently. Affordable and Transparent Monthly costs that allow you to add your own margin. No lengthy contracts, walk away anytime and no money down.

With Kumulos you also don’t have to go to a forum for support. We pride ourselves in having a full support team that is made up of qualified engineers and developers with years of experience in building mobile apps.

Here at Kumulos we also build long-term relationships with our partners and you will be assigned an account manager that can help you every step of the way and help you drive better outcomes for your customers.

Kumulos Easy Pricing

We offer developer-friendly pricing that’s affordable, transparent and won’t actually kill your business if your app grows and becomes a success. Kumulos also doesn’t lock you in. Monthly Pay as you Go pricing means you are not tied into lengthy and costly contracts. Walk away any time with no money down.  

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Manage your clients’ App from end to end


Don’t let your mBaaS provider take all the profit from your hard work. Here at Kumulos, we have a simple philosophy. We do well when our partners do well. So, we will offer you a robust, scalable and easy to use mBaaS and let you add your own margin without scaring away the customer with huge monthly costs.

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