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Kumulos Push Notification is the only push notification service, purpose built, for Mobile App Agencies.
Push NotificationWe help you deliver services that builds a highly engaged user base for your customer’s apps. They get a better outcome from their app build investment with you. You get customers that keep paying monthly for your service.

Kumulos gives you the tools to offer Push Notification Campaigns-as-a-Service for your customer’s app. A service on monthly retainer where you run app engagement programs for your clients apps. Alternatively, give your clients a login to their own Push Portal, branded as yours, where they build and manage push campaigns themselves. Its your choice.

Charge monthly and with our automated monthly report show them the results. A great way to make money monthly and keep the conversation flowing with your clients throughout the life of the app.

How you use Kumulos Push Notification is up to you

  • Use it with your own backend – works with AWS, Rackspace, Azure, Kinvey, Parse Server or whichever backend you use.
  • Take full advantage of Kumulos and use it pre-integrated in our powerful & industry leading mBaaS.

Use whichever works for you.

Kumulos Push Notification gives you…

Recurring Revenue Service to offer your clients

Help your clients increase app user engagement by delivering push notification campaigns as a service. Use Kumulos to run Push Notification Campaigns for your clients and charge them a monthly fee.

Your Client Push Notification Dashboard

Give your clients their own Self-Serve Push Notification Dashboard (branded as yours) where they manage their own push notification campaigns and view results themselves.

Insightful, Actionable Analytics

Insightful and actionable summary of how automatic and segmented Push Notifications are performing. With our Automated Monthly Report, let your clients know how their push notification campaigns are doing. Package this up as your own service, with your branding and your margin on top and get your clients on retainer. Stay close to your clients.

Event Driven Push Notifications

Event triggered push notifications that are built into our app and automatically sent when attributes within the app are met.

Campaign Driven Push Notifications

Run segmented and highly targeted push campaigns to grow app engagement. Drive more value and increase active app users or re-connect with wandering users. Provide your clients with their very own Push Dashboard manage and run their own campaigns.

Always on Service

Sends push notifications to the app whether the app is foreground or background on the device.

Benefits of Kumulos Push Notification

Kumulos Push NotificationScalable

Unlimited numbers of users and unlimited numbers of push notifications for an easy to plan monthly price. No worries about bursting quotas and eye watering overage charges.


Kumulos Push NotificationPurpose built

The ONLY purpose built Push Notification Service for App Development Agencies, with a range of features designed for making you money in mind.


Push NotificationLighting fast

Kumulos Push Notification – up and running within an app in 10 minutes or less.


Kumulos Push NotificationFlexible

No need to change your backend – use it with your existing backend or use push notification feature integrated with the Kumulos mBaaS. You choose.


Kumulos Push NotificationsCross Platform

Deliver push notification messages across Android and iOS platforms at the same time.


Kumulos Push NotificationAutomatic Event-Driven Delivery

Set and forget. Respond to in-app events and send relevant push notifications to users programatically within the app.


Kumulos Push NotificationSegmented Personalization

Build user segments and campaigns to deliver specific messages to specific users, with the right content, at the right time of day.


Kumulos Push NotificationLocation & Time-zone Sensitive

Send geo-location triggered push messages at the time that best suits users.


Kumulos Push NotificationInsightful Analysis

Easy to understand and actionable insights showing how push notification campaigns are driving user engagement.


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