Unlocking the secrets to Monthly Recurring Revenue

This comprehensive step by step guide will show you how to solve one of the biggest challenges facing mobile app development businesses today – how to break the “Win-Build-Ship”  project based revenue cycle. It will show you how to build a service layer into your mobile app business and offer easy to deliver, simple to sell services that will get more retainer income from mobile app clients.

Kumulos Agency Guide to growing your business
  • How to build retainer income for your Mobile App Development Business, the easy way.

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It will cover:
  • How to build services as a natural extension to the app business
  • How to “productize” and package services so they are easy to sell
  • How to grow your monthly retainer over time
  • How to price your services, so you don’t leave money on the table

We hope it gives you some ideas on how to get more clients on retainer.