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China now 24% of the global smartphone market


When we talk about app development and the smartphone market, it’s easy to only think of that market as being only the EU and US. But of course, the global market is just that, global, and in that market China is dominating.

Last year Flurry pointed out that China was the fastest growing market for iOS and Android devices, passing the US for the first time in terms of mobile. The knock on effect was of course that many manufacturers started to sit up and take notice of the Chinese smartphone market in a way that they hadn’t before. Apple have been pushing the iPhone hard, Samsung rule the roost and a range of other smaller Chinese companies are snapping at the giants’ heels.

Flurry have continued to track the Chinese mobile app market and have just released a report on mobile activity in China, which is worth its weight in gold to any developer thinking of moving into that space.

Chinese mobile gaming is big

Perhaps not being a huge surprise considering the gaming pedigree that Asiatic countries have (like that guy who died playing Starcraft 2 for 3 days straight), but interesting to know none the less. There isn’t a huge amount of difference between the Android and iOS numbers, although Android does have a stronger gaming contingent, whereas iOS has a higher productivity and news reading side, which points to iPhones being used by more business orientated users.

OS bases are predictably two sided

As with the rest of the world, Android and iOS are easily dominating the market with Android sitting close to 70% of the share. Samsung are the biggest Android manufacturer, as you can see, holding 15% of the market all on their own, with iOS taking respectable 35% over all; which in the Android heavy Chinese market is nothing to sniff at. One interesting tidbit is Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi who have been doing increasingly well and have been touted as the “Chinese Apple” in some areas. In a market as flooded as the Chinese one with different manufacturers, the fact that a homegrown company can grab 6% of the market is impressive and is definitely one to watch in the near future.

It seems that overall China is a market that, as an app developer, you should really be considering. With its growth still through the roof and with the smartphones there modernising and (starting to) standardise away from the endless masses of cheap knock offs and replicas, Western app developers have a solid opportunity to move into a brand new market.