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$2.1 Trillion will be spent on IT in 2013 according to Forrester


The numbers are in folks, and IT looks like it’s only set to grow this year. Forrester just released their latest estimations of spend on IT, and the overall breakdown is that we are looking at around $2.1 Trillion spent by organisations around the world and that mobile apps are getting the heaviest investment.  The U.S. will also be the country leading the charge in investment in IT.  Gartner also recently released figures for the same subject but they had a much more optimistic view, pointing towards the higher figure of $3.7 Trillion.

The U.S. is looking stronger now currency wise and this is having a knock on effect on its position in the spending chart, with the stronger US dollar allowing them more financial muscle globally. The continuing recession in the EU and China’s now inevitable economic growth slow down are also aiding this current strength in the IT market.

Overall, the two main trends to be taken away from this are as follows:

Software is big

Out of that estimated $2.1 Trillion, software makes up a sizeable chunk, equating to something along the lines of $542 billion. “Software is where most of the big changes in technology are taking place,” writes Bartels, one of the writers involved in the report. This is something of a two part evolution. SaaS (software as a service) is becoming the new model for many major software developers, for example Adobe’s new Creative Cloud subscription service that has replaced their one time purchase model. The second part is mobile apps. Out of the entire spending on IT, apps are seeing a massive investment of over $230 billion alone. This, of course, bodes well for app developers out there.

Apple and tablets are where hardware is going

As we recently reported, the PC market is shrinking fast, and even though it’s still currently the biggest market in IT hardware, it’s fading out. If you’re looking for growth, of course you should look to Apple and tablets, with the iPad being the most significant merger between the two. Apple will be taking $14 billion more this year than last from the iPad and tablet market, whilst the tablet market itself will grow by a very noticable 36% or $21 billion.

So if you’re investing in IT, the way to go is Apple, tablets, SaaS and apps. If you’re already an app developer, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re on the right track. And as service providers, at Kumulos we’re pleased to provide you with a Mobile Backend as a Service that is designed to help your apps and you stay ahead of the curve and to get you a slice of that big IT investment pie.

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