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Moto X, a second opinion


We talked last week about the new Moto X. This is Motorola’s entry into the high end smartphone market, the Big One. The new contender that we all hoped would shake everything up. But looking at the specs, looking at the questionable release schedule and the very gimmicky customisation options, we’re left with an overall feeling of “Meh”.

The Moto X looks like it’ll be a decent phone, it does, but it’s a phone that arrived about 6 months too late. In the Android world, the S4 and the HTC One are great examples of what high end Android smartphones can be if the manufacturers put their minds to it. They have ridiculously fast computational power (for phones), slick interfaces, more features than you can shake a stick at and the One also has incredibly high construction standards.

In comparison, the X only has mediocre specs, some mostly inconsequential visual customisation and a set of sensors that are cool, but an always on mic during the ongoing PRISM and NSA spying debacle is probably not what people want in a phone.

It’s doubly disappointing that this phone came out of a manufacturer that is, essentially, under the flag of Google; who gave us the continually excellent Nexus line of hardware. The Nexi balance specs, build quality and price to make for almost irresistible offers if you’re an Android user. But Motorola don’t seem to be following the same path. Instead they’ve given us a middling to high end phone with gimmicky customisation and a price tag that rivals the One’s, except with none of the benefits that the HTC brings.

The fact that Motorola seem to be trying a different strategy than “Make it faster and give it a bigger screen!” which has been the high tier Android race to the top for the past few years, is interesting and admirable; but they just didn’t bring the goods with the hardware. They are rumoured to be bringing out a budget handset next, but budget isn’t how you make it big in the current mobile hardware business; Apple has proven that. Unless this is all some kind of bait and switch game, we’re going to call it and say that Motorola have missed the boat.

It’s sad really, after years of being silent, we all hoped that the original mobile phone maker could come up with something more, but legacy does not equal success.


The Moto X arrives! (but only in the US)


It seems like we’ve been hearing about the Moto X for ages. There have been rumours of Motorolla’s new phone kicking around online since mid-2012, with occasional design leaks and other info trickling out over the course of early 2013. That is until today, when it was finally unveiled to the world.

Sporting a 4.7inch 720p AMOLED screen with over 300ppi, a 10Mp camera with full HD recording, Android 4.2.2, 2Gb of RAM and a 1.7Ghz dual core processor it might not be the top in specs, but the Moto X is planning to make up for that. How? By allowing customers to fully customise the look and feel of their new phone as well as a host of advanced sensors collectively called X8 that allow the phone to know about its current environment and adjust accordingly, along with specialised language processors so voice commands work better than ever before.

As for the customisation, you can choose your back, front, and accent colours, the storage space and order any accessories you might want. The cases seem to come in a range of colours ranging from attractive to garish and everything inbetween. The phone is set for a probable release around the end of September, so we can all get excited about this new phone right?

I mean, it’s going to be released internationally right?



Turns out no, the Moto X is only getting a release in America currently, with “no current plans” to bring the phone to Europe.

“We are firmly committed to building a portfolio of products in Europe that show the best of Motorola as a Google company, but at this time don’t have any immediate plans for Moto X to come to the region,” Motorola said in a statement.

Well f*** you too Motorola.