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Top Atlanta Mobile Software Developers 2018

top atlanta mobile software developers

When people think of Georgia and Atlanta in particular, mostly images of peaches, Coca-Cola and large antebellum plantations spring to mind. But “Hotlanta” has a lot more to offer than big old houses and sugar water. Atlanta is also home to the 10th largest economy in the United States and the 18th largest in the world. In addition to Coca-Cola, companies like Delta, Home Depot and UPS have all decided to call Atlanta home. But it’s not just the brick and mortar businesses that are turning to the Peach State – in 2017 Forbes magazine picked Atlanta as one of the 5 Cities to Become Tomorrow’s Tech Meccas.

So we decided to turn our eyes to this jewel of the south and compile another one of our “Best of” lists. In no particular order then, here are our picks from the Top Atlanta Mobile Software Developers.

AppZoro Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in the 4th largest tech hub in the entire United States, Atlanta Tech Village, AppZoro is a full-stack development that prides itself on their Georgia roots and is well respected in the Atlanta startup community. How well respected? Let’s just say that when it came time for Atlanta Tech Village to build an official mobile app – they turned to none other than AppZoro. The Atlanta-strong team at AppZoro develop for Android, iOS as well as web apps and, with a 100% client satisfaction guarantee on all completed projects, it’s no wonder that businesses like Shouty, Vimbel, and The Hotelier’s Network have turned to AppZoro for their development needs.

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Big Nerd Ranch

Like the other agencies on our list, Big Nerd Ranch develops and designs apps for Android, iOS and web. But where Big Nerd Ranch differs is their commitment to training and growing the developers, not just in Atlanta but all over the world. In fact, 19 of the world’s top 25 apps were built by developers who trained at Big Nerd Ranch. In addition, the Nerds at the Ranch also offer development boot camps for individuals and teams, write best selling books, and broadcast The Frontier, a screencast all about advancing your app development skills. Companies who have been helped by the nerds include Pepsi, Zappos, Google and many more.

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Headquartered in the historic town of Marietta and with an office in Atlanta, SolutionBuilt entered the digital game in 2004 by building custom web applications. They were soon sought after by global marketing agencies for familiar names like BP, Coca-Cola, and InterContinental Hotels Group. Fast forward to 2018, these tech-gurus have continued to step up their game by opening their doors to SMB’s and Fortune 500 companies to provide custom websites, marketing, and app development. They also have become the go to developers in the medical industry for their app development with their experience on PHI, Security, and HIPAA compliance. Boasting a 100% success rate in their app development process, SolutionBuilt develops native and hybrid apps for iOS, Android, wearables, web applications, and admin panels. With domain experience in multiple verticals, they accelerate project’s ROI with proven processes, awesome design skills, marketing prowess, and technical know-how. What makes SolutionBuilt different is their fixed price guarantee for every project – meaning you’re not going to get ugly surprises when it comes to pay the bill. Their satisfied clients include Arthritis Foundation, Buckhead Life Restaurants Group, Georgia Public Broadcasting, and TeleMed.

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With a name that brings to mind images of the fiercest of the dinosaurs (just check out the animation on their home page), you’d think a mobile app development company named Tyrannosaurus Tech would be ready to devour all challengers. Tyrannosaurus Tech does in fact kick ass in the mobile app marketplace, but they do it with an appropriately toothy dinosaur grin on their faces. That’s because Tyrannosaurus Tech is an Atlanta-based software development agency that takes app design and development (but not themselves) seriously. They develop for both iOS and Android, for both native and hybrid apps. In addition, they can also work with Ruby on Rails, Java, React and WordPress. Tyrannosaurus Tech even offers a free developer consultation to make sure that your project gets off on the right (dinosaur sized) foot. Their portfolio ranges from big brands like Porsche and Emory University down to startups like Gather and even non-profits like Task Force for Global Health. The team prides itself on working hand in hand with clients to make the process of custom software development fun and non-intimidating.  

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PointClear Solutions

Founded in 2006, PointClear Solutions began by bringing enterprise software development to major healthcare providers around the world. Since then, they’ve expanded beyond healthcare and now develop mobile software solutions for a number of different industries. PointClear’s main HQ is Atlanta, but they also have offices in Nashville, Birmingham and New York City. The number of awards they’ve won could fill a paragraph alone, but to name just a few they include a Top Mobile Application Development Company in New York for 2016, a Top 12 App Development Company for 2017 from Clutch and a Gold prize in the 2016 W3 Awards for Best Sports Mobile App sites. They’ve built mobile apps for such healthcare giants as Walgreens, St. Jude Medical and Navicure. But, as we said, PointClear develops for more than just the medical field. Some of their recent mobile apps include KeyMe, AccepTx Pro, Arrcos 360 and – oh yeah – the BeFunky app.

  • Here’s a preview of their app BeFunky in action: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pointclearhit


Stable|kernel was founded by Joe Conway in 2013. Prior to that, Joe served as a board member, engineer, and instructor for one of our other Atlanta software pics, Big Nerd Ranch. Joe is also one of the authors of the Amazon best selling iOS Programming Ranch Guides

Their app development services for iOS also include Siri integration, Apple Pay, TouchID, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Development services for Android include Android Pay, Eddystone Beacons and location services, Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto. And if that isn’t enough, stable|kernel also offers a full range of IoT development. They’ve done work in just about every industry, including healthcare, automotive, retail, food services, and manufacturing. Their clients have included global brands like Rheem, Mailchimp, and Target as well as startups such as Moxie Sports.

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Toolbox No. 9

Toolbox No. 9 is a UI/UX Design and Development agency that creates web and mobile applications with Angular.js, Node, Ruby on Rails, IOS and Android. They work hard, but that doesn’t mean they take themselves too seriously – they introduce the team members as “The Tools” on their contact page. Besides UX/UI, the Toolbox team also handles project management, mobile and full-stack web development. Their web and app work includes clients like the Center for Disease Control, Lego and the Cartoon Network.

Watch the video below to see the Toolbox No. 9 team bring “Toolbot” to life!

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Dragon Army

Some of the agencies on our list split their services between web and mobile. This can sometimes be an advantage when it comes to reaching out to different clients. Dragon Army isn’t one of those. To them, the future is mobile and that’s all they’re concentrating on. That’s because they see mobile as the bestway to reach out to customers to build lasting relationships. That’s why companies like Coca-Cola, IHG, Equifax and Turner turn to Dragon Army for their mobile app needs. But don’t think that makes Dragon Army a stick in the mud – they also have their own mobile studio where they build games (at their own expense), launch them and then use the profits and experience to make even more kick-butt apps for their clients. Dragon Army has been named as one of the Top App Development Companies in Atlanta by Clutch, the Most Admired CEO by Atlanta Business Journal, and won the Best Mobile Gaming & Fundraising App at the 2016 Atlanta Mobile Awards.

Here’s a short TV spot for one of their most popular games, Little Broken Robots.

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Digital Scientists

Another “old timer” in the app world – first established in 2007 – Digital Scientists creates mobile apps, websites, ecommerce stores and IoT applications from their headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia. So technically not Atlanta, but they have an office there as well as one in South Carolina so that’s close enough. They also maintain offices in Atlanta and South Carolina, so we’ve decided to include them in this list.  On the mobile end, they develop for Android and iOS, as well as hybrid and HTML5 apps. Their suite of development tools includes Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS3, AngularJS, Ionic Framework, Beacons, Elasticsearch and Cordova, just to name a few. Digital Scientists also pride themselves on their speed – they can take an app or product from concept to market in 90 days or less. Recent mobile apps they’ve developed include products for NAPA MyUS.com and Hubbell.

Here’s a short interviews with some of the Digital Scientists:

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Top Atlanta Mobile Software Developers – Your Turn

So those are our picks for the Top Atlanta Mobile Software Developers. How did we do? Did we miss any of your favorites? Be sure to leave us a link below, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


Top Texas Mobile App Agencies 2017

best texas mobile app agencies 2017

Cowboy hats? Check. Horses. Check. Lone Star Beer. Check. Yep – Texas has all these things, but there’s one thing that Texas has more than any other state in the US – and that’s Tech (with a capital T). In fact, in 2017, Texas was the number one technology exporting state in the entire United States, beating out California, the home of Silicon Valley. It’s no wonder then, that so many in the mobile app development game are turning to Texas when it comes time to found and build tech companies.

So we’ve decided to….erm….”round up” some of our favorite top Texas app agencies and share them with you. We did the same back in 2016 – have a look at our Top Texas Mobile App Developers 2016 list.There are a couple of familiar agencies from the last time we did this, but you’ll also see a whole bunch of new faces as well.

Ready? Slip on them Justin Ropers and let’s get these dogies movin’…

The BHW Group    

BHW, based in Austin, and led by CEO Brett Burnett, is a digital product design and a development agency. In app terms, they’re ancient – they have over 12 years experience in building over 350 mobile and webb apps. To BHW, happy employees make better software, which is why the median employee tenure there is 6 years and they’ve been selected as one of the best places to work in Austin for the past two years. Brands they have worked for include Chick-fil-A, the University of Texas and numerous SMBs and startups and they boast of several 5+ year relationships with clients.

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Jackrabbit Mobile    

If you’re looking for some of the best tacos in Austin, everyone knows you head to East 6th street. But what most people don’t know is that’s where you also go for some of the best IoT and app development this side of the Pecos.  That’s because East 6th Street is also home of Jackrabbit Mobile – even the name is Texas-y. Jackrabbit is the first of our Top Texas Mobile App Agencies of 2017 to make a repeat appearance from our Top Texas Agency 2016 list. In addition to their IoT and app development, Jackrabbit is skilled at providing solutions for legacy hardware and software, obscure languages and other integration projects that might not be run of the mill. They also work with emerging technology like Augmented Reality (AR) and wearables. Here’s a cool video of some Jackrabbit developers integrating a drone with an Apple watch to fly the drone using gestures.

Jackrabbit’s clients include Oracle, Salesforce, FICO and that Austin stalwart LIVESTRONG.

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Another Austin based agency, Moove-it designs and develops software solutions for industries including healthcare, finance, education and real estate. When working with clients, Moove-it brings over a decade of experience developed from continuous work in challenging environments. In addition to developing apps and devices, Moove-it also supplies software solutions for small businesses up to enterprises as well as staff augmentation. Their full-cycle, full-stack services indude developing for iOS, Android, Java, Ruby and JavaScript. In addition to their headquarters in Austin, Moove-it has additional offices in San Francisco and Montevideo, Uruguay. 

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Praxent, another Austin based agency, wants you to know one fact up front – over 68% of software projects fail. It’s a pretty depressing statistic if you’re about to head into the app market, but Praxent is there to help ensure customers get the help they need BEFORE they start writing one line of code. Using a principle known as the “Cone of Uncertainty”, Praxent digs into a deep into a full industry and competitor analysis to ensure market fit and validate any feature assumptions. In simpler terms, when developing, Praxent starts with the “Why” rather than “How.” Their services run the gamut from Mobile App Development, to Product Design & Strategy, UX Design, and Web App Development on platforms including .NET, Drupal, Java, Python and Ruby on Rails.

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Houston based Softeq offers development for consumer based mobile apps as well as custom native apps for the enterprise – as well as everything in between. After Jackrabbit, Softeq is the second holdover from our Top Texas App Developers 2016 list. Softeq builds both for iOS and Android, as well as Xamarin for cross platform needs. In fact, as mentioned on their website, the Softeq team loves developing in Xamarin. But Softeq doesn’t let their love of Xamarin bind them to a single cross platform solution. They also develop for  Cocos2D-X, Unity, Marmalade, Corona, Flash Air, UDK, just about any platform that fits the needs of the customer.

In addition to apps, Softeq develops for IoT, wearables, Augmented Reality, drones, and even Unity3D for robots.

This video contains just a small sample of some of the devices and platforms that Softeq has developed for:

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Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket CEO Calvin Carter remembers standing in line for the first iPhone back in 2007 and instantly knew the device would change everything. The day after the app store was open to developers, Bottle Rocket was launched. Ten years, 200 employees, and four Apple Hall of Fame Apps later, Dallas based Bottle Rocket is still going strong. They develop for both iOS and Android, as well as wearable, AR/VR, voice and web applications for clients like Coca-Cola, Chik-Fil-A and the Food Network.

And if that wasn’t enough, Senior Director of Engineering, Amy Czuchlewski, was recently named to the D Magazine C-Suite as one of the 500 most powerful business leaders in North Texas.

Here’s a little bit of Bottle Rocket UX Guru Adam Polansky in action at the Bottle Rocket studios for the first episode of the new web series ProjectUX.

Contact Bottle Rocket on Twitter.

Five Pack Creative

Five Pack Creative is located in the very Texas-y sounding town of Frisco, near Dallas. Five Pack’s main focus these days is on mobile app development as it relates to Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning. They’ve even coined a new term for their work in this area: Augmented Engineering (AE). With Augmented Engineering, Five Pack Creative can embed their specialized engineering team into your product workflow. Perfect for when you’ve hit a roadblock during development of an app and not quite sure where to turn next. 

Here’s Five Pack Creative’s Jeremy Stroud at the 2017 CIO Arena Conference in Dallas, TX and his presentation: Mobile App Development: How to Innovate and Accelerate.

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Not an app development agency per se, Funsize just does such great work that we felt like we had to include them in our list. Funsize is a young and dynamic agency located in – where else – Austin. When it comes to design and development, they embrace everything that is agile. Lead by CEO and Head of Design, Anthony Armandariz and his wife Natalie, in their short 5 year lifespan, Funsize has already worked with clients such as Oracle, Capital One and PayPal. They also work with VC Funds to launch new companies and even invest in other startups. And if that wasn’t enough, Funsize is one of the few agencies on our list that hosts their very own podcast, called The Hustle.

Here’s a video of the Funsize crew in in action during their Method Week team exercise.

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Swiftkick is a hands on mobile agency founded in Austin, Texas in 2015. How hands on? Let’s put it this way, the company leaders, Marc Doering and Timothy Moose, both highly qualified developers. assume full responsibility of each and every project. Not only are these guys good but, as their web site puts it, they kick ass (swiftly, we assume). They work with both big brands and small startups and have delivered apps for the likes of Experian, CSID and Squareroot.

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You name it and there’s a 99% chance that Rocksauce does it – from product strategy, to design, to devlopment and product launch. The same goes for platform development: iOS, Android, web, SDKs, APIs and even animation!  They don’t start out with a MVP like most agencies. Instead Rocksauce focuses on creating a MDP (Minium Delightful Product). The Rocksauce approach starts with the UX where they focus on the features of the app before they move into the branding and design phase of the project to dial-in the look, feel and personality of the app. As they like to say, Rocksauce isn’t about just creating apps, they’re about creating happiness. And they’ve created happiness in the form of apps like Keyminder, Ticktalk, Quiller and many others since Rocksauce was founded in 2010 by design maven and creative guru Q. Manning.

Ready to get started with your next app? Watch the Rocksauce demo video for inspiration!

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Since 2007, Dallas based Appshark has been one of the world’s leading Salesforce integration specialists. As part of this, AppShark developed Open SMS Pro, an app that allows users to send SMS messages from any Salesforce application. But AppShark isn’t just about Salesfore – they’ve designed and built custom web and mobile apps for companies like Conagra, Algonquin, and Beckman Coulter.

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Top Texas Mobile App Agencies 2017

So, pardners, that’s our roundup of Texas Mobile App Agencies for this year. Of course, this is just our opinion – you might disagree with some of our picks. That’s totally fine! Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know who we missed!

Top Colorado Mobile App Developers

top colorado mobile app developers

Colorado, described by Lonely Planet as a “trip to the wild west,” offers stunning vistas, heart-stopping skiing and atmospheric downtown streets.

The state also boasts an impressive roster of top-class app development agencies and software houses, working away to create leading-edge apps for both local companies and global household names.

We took the time to research the local app scene, and identified some of the leading players in the game. This is what we found:


Located in Boulder, InspiringApps is well established business, launched a decade ago when the technology landscape was very different! The company now specialises in mobile apps, as well as software for wearables and other connected devices.

InspiringApps has certainly built up an impressive client list in the intervening years. Customers include Google, Toyota and Cisco, with projects spanning customer-facing apps and those used by companies internally.

The company’s blog provides a great insight into some of the firm’s projects, as well as discussing trends in programming and cloud computing.

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Dolphin Micro

Dolphin Micro is based in Louisville, and specialises in custom business apps and Ruby on Rails development.

The company has some impressive past work to show off, including a presentation tool used by AT&T’s sales and marketing team, and an internal-use iPad app developed for Vita Coco. Dolphin Micro also do a lot of work with start-up businesses.

This interview video with Eric Scott, the CEO, discusses the company’s work and ethos.

Follow Dolphin Micro on Twitter.


Revive develop websites as well as mobile apps from their offices in Denver’s Capitol Hill district. They complete a range of projects for local businesses as well as serving companies worldwide.

One of Revive’s successful recent projects was the Breakthrough Stats iOS app, which tracks basketball stats. Within a week of release it climbed to the number two spot within the iTunes store’s sports category.

Revive is a highly approachable agency offering free initial consultations to new clients.

Follow Revive on Twitter.

Possible Mobile

Possible Mobile describes its team as “true mobile craftspeople.” The firm has a long history of achievement in the app space, much of which is detailed in its online timeline.

Possible Mobile’s impressive client lists includes Hasbro, jetBlue Airways, and PGA Tour, for whom the company developed a feature-rich IOS app.

The company’s head office is in Denver, but Possible Mobile also has offices in Atlanta and Seattle.

This interesting YouTube video discusses the process the company took when developing an app for jetBlue Airways.

Follow Possible Mobile on Twitter.

Think Tree Studio

A relatively young player in the game, based in Denver and established in 2015, Think Tree Studios already has a solid reputation for mobile app building and website design.

The company’s projects include a charity fitness app for both iOS and Android called Reps, and an iOS app for FlipTask – a micro-working start-up based in Colorado.

Despite its young age, Think Tree Studios is already winning accolades, including being named as a top mobile app developer by MobileDeveloper.net in both 2015 and 2016.

Latitude 40 Consulting

Located in the suburb of Broomfield, between Denver and Boulder, Latittude 40 Consulting is Amercian made and proud of it – their team is 100% America based. No waiting for someone in the Philippines or Latvia to get back to you with the latest bugfix or code update. With clients ranging from Ameritrade to Syngenta Flowers, Latitude 40 consulting is ready to handle any type of mobile app development.

Follow Latitude 40 on Twitter.

Master of Code

Master of Code is a global development house with offices in California and Winnipeg, Canada, as well as Denver. CEO Dmitry Gritsenko founded the company back in 2004, and it now has over 120 staff.

As well as making websites and apps, Master of Code has specialist in-house expertise in chatbot software, and has created related projects for The World Surf League, amongst others. Other clients include Exegy and StudySpace.

Master of Code’s YouTube channel offers an interesting insight into the company, its projects and its ethos.

Follow Master of Code on Twitter.

Epic Apps

Denver-based Epic Apps offers custom apps for iOS and Android, and also specializes in custom Ruby on Rails and WordPress design and development.

The company has a great reputation and plenty of testimonials to share. Past clients include the Denver Police Department and the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Follow Epic Apps on Twitter.

Tack Mobile

Need an app for a wearable. IoT or the latest mobile phone? Tack Mobile has got you covered. Located in the hip RiNo district of Denver, Tack builds apps for companies like Amazon, Mapquest, and Hunter Douglas. Tack realizes that every product and app is different, so they work with customers to iterate quickly and get to working software as soon as possible.

Follow Tack Mobile on Twitter.

Neon Rain Interactive

As Denver based Neon Rain points out on their web site, 68% of all projects fail. Their job is to make sure that yours doesn’t. Neon Rain utilizes a special brand of Agile Scrum in their  mobile app development process so that projects stay on track, on budget and on time.

With clients such as United Way, Guirys, AAMCO, Adams County, and Sprint it’s easy to see why Neon Rain has spent 10 years at the top of the Denver Business Journal’s annual list of top web developers.

Follow Neon Rain on Twitter.

303 Software

A relative “old timer” in the App game – so much so that the founding of 303 Software predates the introduction of the iPhone by a year – 303 is an experienced player in the mobile app development field and they have the numbers to prove it.  Each of their devlopers has an average of 7 years of experience and 82% of their clients return for a scond project. Not too shabby considering some of their clients include Cisco, the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater and Denver Community Credit Union. On top of all this, they offer a free 15 minute phone call up front to see if they’re the right fit for a client.

Follow 303 Software on Twitter.

AppIt Ventures

AppIt Ventures is based on Denver’s South Steele Street, and also has office premises in the UK and India. The company has developed over 350 apps since it set up shop in 2012.

Unsurprisingly, AppIt Ventures has built up a rather prestigious reputation in that time. The company has been featured by Entrpreneur, Fox and CBS, and has done work with companies including IntelliData and the Seattle Fish Company.

This interesting YouTube video discusses the modern world of apps and how to get started on a project with AppIt Ventures.

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Chronos Interactive

Chronos Interactive delivers mobile apps across the full project lifecycle – from strategy to design to development and deployment – Chronos is along for the full app ride. And once the app is finished, Chroos doesn’t just walk away, they offer on-going support to ensure that an app isn’t just sitting and gathering dust. Chronos has even developed their own enterprise market enablement tool, called Castio, for an all in one content hosting solution.

Follow Chronos Interactive on Twitter.

Top Colorado Mobile App Developers

Well, pardners, that’s our roundup (Western joke!) of top Colorado Mobile App Developers. If you liked this list, be sure to check out our other list of Top DC Area Mobile App Developers, Top New York City Mobile App Developers, and Top Pacific Northwest Mobile App Developers.

And – if you didn’t like our list – tell us why in the comments below! Did we leave out your favorite app agency?

Top Dublin Mobile App Developers

dublin mobile app developers

Described by Lonely Planet as a “small capital with a huge reputation,” Dublin attracts visitors from all over the globe. With a wealth of culture, a vibrant party scene and no shortage of Guinness, the city continually delivers unforgettable experiences – and perhaps a few that get forgotten too!

Dublin’s “huge reputation” is also something that’s fair to apply to its thriving software development scene – particularly when it comes to the creation of apps. A great many app developers and digital agencies make Dublin their home, and do business with some of the world’s biggest brands.

In this article, we run through some of the best agencies in Dublin and the surrounding area, and talk about what makes them stand out.  


The Friday Agency is a Google partner, and a full-service agency that gets involved in SEO, content marketing, graphics and video, as well as app development.

Friday has a strong local reputation, with several Dublin-based clients on its portfolio, including DublinTown and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Further afield, Friday has worked with the Irish Landmark Trust and Inland Fisheries, creating a mobile app for the latter.

This YouTube showreel introduces The Friday Agency and shows off some impressive work to a pretty great soundtrack.

Follow The Friday Agency on Twitter.  


Tapadoo creates apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The company set up in business in 2009, just after Apple released the software development kit for the iPhone.

Tapadoo’s strict focus on app development has won the company a solid reputation and an enviable client list. In addition to apps for clients like DHL and Samsung, Tapadoo specializes in Medical Apps. Using the latest tech, Tapadoo has had great success in the medical field with apps ranging from a Medications Checker to a Hay Fever Relief app that allows the user to enter symptoms so the app can offer up a customized medical relief plan. 

This promotional video features CEO Dermot Daly discussing Tapadoo and its work.

Follow Tapadoo on Twitter.


App Design is a Galway-based company that does exactly what it says on the tin! Founded in 2013, App Design has worked with a wealth of international brands in the years since.

The company take particular pride in their customer support – something backed up by strong testimonials and industry awards. Clients include Hertz, Paddy Power and HP.

In addition to the main Galway office located near the National University of Ireland, App Design adds to its capacity with a secondary office in India.

Follow App Design on Twitter.


Advertised as one of Europe’s first mobile marketing agencies, Púca is a well-established firm, in business since 2000. The company has won a huge collection of accolades in its years in business, including awards from Appy, Ireland eGovernment and the Mobile Marketing Awards.

In 17 years of trading, Púca has built the kind of blue-chip client list that a startup would dream of. Clients include Bank of Ireland, Unilever and Coca-Cola.

Follow Púca on Twitter.


Square1 is a full-service agency located just a stone’s throw from Dublin’s Guinness factory, and a quick walk from the Temple Bar district. The company offers infrastructure and web services as well app development work.

Square1 has a varied online portfolio of work, and one where Irish businesses are particularly well-represented. The company has built apps for the likes of Her.ie, SportsJoe, and many more besides.

Square1’s introductory video gives an insight into the company and its work.

Follow Square1 on Twitter.  


The team at Boom22, headed up by MD Lorcan o’Brien, designs and creates websites as well as mobile apps. Boom22 also offers an extensive range of complementary services. It’s well worth checking out the company website, where there are many free guides and eBooks available in the #BoomTips section.

The company’s client list is varied and impressive, including such brands as Nurofen, Belvedere Vodka, and Best Menswear.

In this YouTube video, the Managing Director discusses everything from digital strategy to SEO.

Follow Boom on Twitter


IrishApps has offices in Dublin, Galway and Cork, and is one of those companies that inspires confidence right from the start. The company website proudly displays awards from Clutch and Top App Creators, as well as an impressive client roster of known brands. These include Panasonic, Lidl and Boston Scientific.

IrishApps is clearly at the leading edge of technology, working in the sectors of blockchain and the Internet of Things alongside “traditional” app development. At the time of writing the company is also offering clients help with European General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

In this YouTube video, Program Manager Cathal Greaney discusses some SEO steps the company took to boost their own website.

Follow IrishApps on Twitter.


Winner of 2016’s “Best Mobile or Tablet” app in the AccentureDigital Digital Media Awards, Legion is a Dublin-based firm with a strong reputation.

The company specialises in apps, websites and motion graphics. Legion’s team has worked on projects with big brands such as Kerry Foods and Activate Capital.

Follow Legion on Twitter.


Mosaic is an interesting agency with a unique range of services. As well as offering the usual combination of website and app development, Mosaic also invests in startups and likes to “turn ideas into scalable businesses.”

Mosaic’s client list is one of the most impressive we’ve seen, featuring names such as Google, LinkedIn, Adidas and Diageo. It’s also worth mentioning that Dublin’s very own Guinness also features!

Mosaic seems like a great choice of agency for those who need a new app and some direction in helping it gain traction.


OK, so PurpleDecks aren’t technically located in Dublin, but rather Longford, Ireland. So, still relatively close to Dublin, in Ireland terms. But we felt they merited a place in our list because, not only do they design apps for clients like RTE, Centra and Qualcom, but they also place innovation at the forefront of their business. So much so, that they have an entire innovation center working on solutions in fields like the Internet of Things, mobile hardware, connected life, TV and more. Our client’s solutions benefit from our cutting edge research.

Follow PurpleDecks on Twitter.

Top Dublin Mobile App Developers

As with most top lists – this is just a start. There are a lot of great Dublin Mobile App Developers that we didn’t have enough room for. Did we leave out any of your favorites? If so, feel free to leave a comment below.

If you enjoyed this article, you might want to also have a look at some of our other round ups, like our Top San Francisco Mobile App Developers, Top Netherlands Mobile App Developers, or Top Berlin Mobile App Developers.

Top Pacific Northwest Mobile App Developers

top pacific northwest mobile app developers

You don’t need to head too far north from Silicon Valley to arrive in other places with a burgeoning tech and start-up scene.

Both Seattle and (more recently) Portland have gained positive reputations in the world of technology. Offering a somewhat less frantic and considerably less expensive business experience, these are cities that are firmly on the radar of entrepreneurs as an alternative to the Bay Area.

We decided to look at the mobile deveopment scene in the Pacific Northwest and provide a rundown of some of the area’s leading agencies. So, please find below the app scene’s “cream of Cascadia.”

We begin in Portland, and then move north to Seattle.


All the app agencies on this list can list some impressive household names on their client roster. Forix will definitely impress the sporty types, with clients including Adidas, GoPro and Asics.

Headed by company President Ngu Nguyen, Forix’s team has extensive experience throughout the app development lifecycle. The company details a comprehensive roadmap that begins with initial persona and industry research and follows up on app launches with an ongoing “measure and refine” process.

Forix’s promotional video provides an insight into the company, and discusses how it tackles new projects.

Follow Forix on Twitter.

Infinite Red

Portland is home to one of three of Infinite Red’s American HQs, with other offices in New Orleans and San Francisco. The company’s three founders include Todd Werth, a programmer with two decades of software development experience.

Infinite Red’s client list includes companies of all sizes, including household names such as Microsoft and Berkeley University. The company produces both mobile and web apps.

Infinte Red’s well-populated Youtube channel will introduce you to the company and also includes extensive footage from the company’s Chain React 2017 event.

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With a team including past members of Apple and Disney, 7/Apps has years of expertise to share with clients. Those clients include Portland-based businesses, household names like Clinique, and organisations including The National Parks Foundation.

The company, led by former Apple employee Juan Fernandez, seeks to create apps that truly disrupt and don’t just copy what’s already out there. It’s well worth checking out the portfolio to see how this works with real-life examples.

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Uncorked Studios

Uncorked Studios was established in 2010 by Marcelino Alvarez and has built up an enviable roster of clients since then. The big names include Intel, Google, Samsung and Skype. Intriguingly, some of the details of these projects are private – an inevitability when the company is “working on the future!”

Aside from this necessary secrecy, the company is very open about its people and processes, sharing a wealth of information on its website and regularly updated blog.

This YouTube video shows CEO Marcelino Alvarez discussing the Internet of Things at a 2016 event.

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With a significant track record for winning awards and accolades, including a place on the Inc 5000 in 2017, DevelopmentNow is a Portland-based company that’s really going places.

Led by former medical school student turned programmer, Ben Strackany, DevelopmentNow specializes in mobile and responsive web projects and has a rich history of work to show off. Clients include the likes of Time Warner Cable and Kelly Services.

This YouTube video from a recent DevelopmentNow “open house” event gives a great insight into the company and its work.

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Pixel Lab

Established in Seattle since back in 2008, Pixel Lab has built up an enviable client list and an impressive project portfolio. Their customer line-up includes big names in tech such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Evernote, as well as prestigious brands such as BMW and Disney.

Pixel Lab develop for the web as well as for mobile and specialise in “simple, fun and intuitive experiences.” These include the Red Bull Rampage project, which won a Webby award in 2014.

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Inventive Mobile

A small but perfectly formed agency, Inventive Mobile has a small team, but that hasn’t stopped it doing business with the likes of Oracle, Xerox and Intel.

The company’s online portfolio shows examples of this work, including the advanced FitnessIQ exercise app for Android devices. This was developed for Intel and demonstrated at Mobile World Congress.

Inventive Mobile’s apps have been downloaded in excess of 10 Million times.


Ratio, recently acquired by Globant, is a “multi-screen” agency, with an incredible track record in the entertainment industry. As well as apps for mobile, Ratio work on other platforms such as Roku and Xbox.

It’s hard to know where to start with the client list! iHeartRadio and Disney sit alongside Condé Nast, Fox and Sony – and there are plenty more besides.

The company has a large and sociable team, led by CEO Nate Thompson, a true stalwart of the Seattle business scene.

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Bilberrry is a full-service agency with a wide range of other offerings alongside app design, including social media marketing and SEO content services.

As well as their office in Seattle, Bilberrry has a presence in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company has worked with brands including Chipotle, Gap and Whirlpool.

Bilberrry’s website proudly showcases several projects that are notably strong on user experience across mobile and web, including a comprehensive comparison engine developed for reviews.com.


Of course, those are just our picks for some of the top Pacific Northwest Mobile App Developers. Did we leave out your favorite agency? Have dealings with agencies on our list that you wanted to let us know about?

Leave a comment  or reach out to us on social media to let us know.

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Top San Francisco Mobile App Developers

top San Francisco mobile app developers

San Francisco has a strong allure for tech startups of all kinds. With a firmly-cemented reputation for attracting the world’s brightest and best, it’s no wonder the area is home to a wide selection of app agencies. Many of them boast enviable track records and head-turning client lists. We took the time to research the top San Francisco Mobile App Developers, in order to introduce some of the key players in this ever-evolving industry.

Let’s get started:


We mentioned head-turning client lists – and that’s exactly what Impekable has, with a list that includes 10 Fortune 1000 companies. Clients include Groupon, Google and Hewlett Packard.

With offices in San Francisco, San José and Fort Collins CO, Impekable is led in part by CTO James Zimmerman and is a full-service design and development agency with experience spanning a vast range of industries, from retail to healthcare.

Impekable’s highly complementary client testimonials demonstrate the effort the company has put into their processes, something discussed in this YouTube interview with Pek Pongpaet.

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Appstem grabs your attention immediately when you notice Tesla at the top of the client list! Appstem developed the company’s internal iPad app for sales and marketing. Enterprise Car Rental and DUFL also feature on Appstem’s portfolio.

The company was founded back in 2008, and has offices in San Francisco and Portland, OR. With a track record of over 200 mobile apps, the company has a well-established roadmap for projects, encompassing everything from UX / UI design to Quality Assurance.

This YouTube video features Appstem’s CEO, Robert Armstrong, talking about some of the company’s recent projects.

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Founded by CEO Zack Berke in 2006, Mission Street-based Exygy has a specific focus on delivering “digital products and digital strategies that solve challenging social problems.” This is an agency with strong “making a difference” credentials.

Exygy’s past projects include work with the San Francisco Mayor’s office to create a portal for affordable housing, and the creation of an app for Girls Who Code, a non-profit dedicated to closing the gender gap in the technology field.

A YouTube recording of an Exygy training session on Human Centred Design gives a good insight into the unique way this agency works. It’s an approach that’s found Exygy a place on the Inc5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies for two years running.

Follow Exygy on Twitter.


Based just behind Cupertino City Hall, Mokriya has over 50 full-time employees working on cutting-edge projects led by CTO and founder Pranil Kanderi. Their projects span wearables and virtual reality as well as more “traditional” mobile apps.

Mokriya’s impressive client list includes such names as Twitter, Google and SanDisk. The SanDisk project, still in progress at the time of writing, should result in a whole new way to “transfer files between iOS devices.”

Mokriya has attracted staff talent from all over the world, and has been in business for six years.

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A large firm with a rich and varied service offering, Daxima has offices in India and Croatia as well as California. The company’s a true veteran of the industry, founded back in 2002 by tech expert (and former PC Magazine analyst), Ryan Tabibian.

Daxima’s customers include Cisco and Myworkdrive, a company delivering file sharing solutions to a range of customers including Oxford University.

Daxima offers “traditional” software development services alongside their work on apps, and also performs infrastructure projects such as Office365 migrations.


ArcTouch is another agency with a client list that speaks for itself. The company has produced stunning apps for the likes of Audi, CBS and Yahoo.

The company was founded by two college roommates, Adam Fingerman and Eric Shapiro, who became employees of Apple. The launch of the iPhone inspired them to start an app company in 2009, and that company now has a team of over 100 people. As well as an office in San Francisco, ArcTouch has a presence in New York and Brazil.

ArcTouch is active on YouTube, and this video is from one of their recent Hackathons. It gives good insight into how they think and approach mobile app projects.

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Tivix is a company with an impressive global presence. In addition to their San Francisco HQ, the firm has offices in New York and Portland, and further afield in London and Poland.

Tivix was founded by Chairman and Silicon Valley entrepreneur  Bret Waters in 2008 and works with clients of all sizes and types. There are big-name firms on the roster including Apple and Microsoft, as well as NGOs such as UNICEF and The European Commission.

Tivix describes its ethos as “engineering heavy,” with a focus on “rock solid and scalable” apps. The team also has a passion for open source and maintains a presence on Github.

Tivix has an informative promotional video available on Vimeo.

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Menlo is a large firm that combines software and app development with a wide range of other technical services, including cloud infrastructure provision and managed services. The company has an office in India as well as a Santa Clara HQ. Menlo is lead by Gary Prioste with an impressive management team around him that includes software veteran Paul Bach.

Menlo is a well-known in Silicon Valley, with a client list that includes such names as Target, Dell and LinkedIn. Menlo also has partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon.

This blog post gives an interesting insight into Menlo’s approach to building a Minimal Viable Product to get started on the road of developing a new app.

Here’s a recent interview with Gary Prioste that gives you a good feel for how the firm thinks.

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Intellectsoft has been in business for a decade and achieved a tremendous amount in that time. The company boasts 35 Fortune 500 clients and has worked with names including Harley Davidson, Eurostar, and the UK’s National Health Service.

Founded by Valery Kurilov and Dmitri Lipnitsky they have built a businesss with over 230 full time engineer. This is a large company, offering a vast range of complementary technical services alongside app development.

Intellectsoft’s company presentation on YouTube provides a great introduction to the company and its clients.

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Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is another major player on California app scene. Since being founded in 2009 by CEO Ashish Toshniwal, the company has grown to span six offices across the world, now employing around 240 people.

Household names abound on Y Media Labs’ client list: Facebook, Apple, eBay and L’oréal are just a small selection. The company’s portfolio includes a rich selection of fully featured apps for these big names – and plenty of others.

Y Media Labs has a distinguished past, and seems to be heading for a bright future. In 2015, they were named by Forbes as one of America’s “most promising companies.”

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With a true “mobile first” ethos, Sourcebits is a pure mobile app agency with over 600 such projects to its name, including 30 “chart topping” apps.

The company employs over 150 people across the world. They work on projects for companies everyone will have heard of, including the likes of Intel, Cisco and Bank of America.

Named as a “cool vendor” by Gartner, Sourcebits is an agency with a fabulous client list and some serious credentials.

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Top San Francisco App Agencies

Of course, those are just our picks. Did we leave out your favorite agency? Have dealings with agencies on our list that you wanted to let us know about?

Drop us a line below or reach out to us on social media to let us know.

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Top Netherlands App Development Companies


Widely known for tulips, stunning canals and “relaxing” coffeeshops, the Netherlands is also a country with a thriving tech scene, and home to some highly-renowned app agencies.

Often named alongside London and Berlin as a flourishing start-up hub, the capital city of Amsterdam is a fabulous place to do business. However, the country’s fast and efficient transport links mean that great agencies thrive across the land, with some choosing historic Den Haag or futuristic Rotterdam as their base.

With a wide selection of agencies across the country, all with unique attitudes and focuses, Holland is a great place to go looking for help with your next app project. (Geographical trivia: Holland is a region in the Netherlands.We’re still talking about the same country.) 

Ready? Grab that cup of “coffee” and let’s take a look at some of our picks for the top app development companies in the Netherlands


Based in modern Rotterdam and led by two Tim’s, Tim Nooteboom and Tim Pelgrim, YipYip develops for both iOS and Android and has a strong track record in apps, games and websites.

YipYip’s portfolio is varied and inspiring. It includes work for holiday group TUI, and the development of a “Rotterdam Pas” app for the agency’s home city.

As well as working on client projects, YipYip embark on their own technical endeavours, giving their employees plenty of opportunities to develop their own concepts and ideas. Those staff also benefit from an informal work environment, complete with unlimited fresh coffee and a “spectacular” daily lunch! YipYip’s Twitter feed seems to suggest this is a rather inspiring place to work.

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AppFellas specialise in creating “app based businesses” from “proof of concept to finished product.” They work on all mobile platforms as well as “traditional” web, and have experience of VR apps.

Led by Michael Bevz, their completed work is impressive and includes some innovative apps, such as PartyWithALocal, which boasts 150,000 members.

Anyone looking for an agency who can help with app development over the full project lifecycle would do well to check them out. They’re based a stone’s throw from the water in northern Amsterdam.

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Fenêtre, headed by CEO Eric Kruis, has been established for over a decade and delivers a wide-range of services to a variety of companies, including some household names. As well as developing for a range of platforms including iOS and Android, the company also provides consultancy and IT services, and has partnerships with the likes of Microsoft and Oracle.

Based in Den Haag, the home of the Dutch parliament, Fenêtre serves customers in a wide range of business sectors, from government and non-profit to sports and recreation. Among their portfolio, you’ll likely recognise names such as Tias and Allianz.

Fenêtre has a well-established record of corporate social responsibility, spanning donations, special initiatives, and discounts for certain organisations.

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2CoolMonkeys is a company name nobody’s likely to forget! The company is based in Utrecht – a picturesque university town that’s just a short journey away from Amsterdam.

Specialising in web apps, smart dashboards and big data, 2CoolMonkeys has built up an incredible client list spanning everything from large government departments to household-name brands. Adidas, Philips and McDonalds are just three examples.

2CoolMonkeys is a full-service agency, with a best-practice ethos that will help you move from initial concept to Minimum Viable Product quickly and smoothly.

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E-sites specialises in digital projects for the health, sports and retail industries. The agency is located across two sites, in Breda and Eindhoven.

Winners of several recent accolades including Lovie and Spin awards in 2016, e-sites has a solid reputation and a varied portfolio to share. If you’ve ever interacted with Subway or SPAR in the Netherlands, then you may have already encountered apps from this agency.

E-sites has taken the time to create a highly detailed website, which illustrates exactly how the team work with new clients, so prospective customers can find out exactly what to expect.

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Fruitily  named Citrus is an agency near Tilburg, a short drive from Eindhoven. The team develops apps for Android and iOS, and desktop apps also.

Citrus is clearly an agency very focussed on its people. Checking out the team page online is a must – take a close look at the staff images for several seconds and you’ll see what we mean!

Citrus’ portfolio is particularly strong on education-related apps, with projects on show for companies including Andriessen and Facet Exam Systems.

Follow Citrus on Twitter.

Fish on Fire

Fish on Fire is definitely another name designed around being easy to remember! This is a well-established app agency, around since 2008, with big-name clients on the books that include KLM and Tata Steel.

Fish on Fire has a main headquarters in Amsterdam and another office further north in Alkmaar. The agency boasts a team of 17, including Managing Director Aziez Soekha, and a track record of over 275 completed mobile apps.


Located right next to the stunning De Biesbosch national park, the staff at Digitalisma must have plenty of natural beauty to inspire them in their work!

This agency develops for both Android and iOS. Their portfolio includes apps such as Pokeradar – a companion to Pokemon Go, downloaded over 800,000 times, and Proactive, a corporate expense management app.

Likening themselves to a film studio in their approach, Digitalisma have a friendly air to accompany their strong professional record.

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Moqod embraces the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as now more traditional web and mobile apps.

Fronted by co-founders Sergey Kopanev and Slava Todavchich, This agency is based in Amsterdam but boasts clients worldwide. Example projects shown online include Just Listen, a radio streaming app, and a US Apple TV app for cable news channel Newsmax.

Moqod has a “from sketch to store” ethos for app development, and has experts working on a diverse range of platforms, including Apple Watch and Android Wear.

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Top Netherlands App Development Companies

Those are our picks for the cream of the app crop in the Netherlands. How did we do? Did we miss any of your favorites? Leave a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter to let us know!

Top App Development Companies Berlin


Berlin is a city with serious “tech hub” credentials and a rampant breeding ground for successful start-ups.

Statistics from European Startup Monitor reveal Berlin as the largest start-up hub in Germany, producing 31% of the country’s new businesses. But the city’s credentials go far beyond Germany. EU-Startups identifies Berlin as second only to London for such firms across Europe – quite a feat for a city with less than half of London’s population!

A good proportion of these fresh, new companies need mobile apps, so it’s no wonder that Berlin is also home to a host of world class app development houses.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a quick video about how Berlin has become the tech hub of Europe.

In this article, we introduce you to some of the best. So, let’s get straight to the list (in no particular order):

DXY Digital GmbH

Originally established in Cleveland over a decade ago by Daniel Young, DXY Digital were quick to spot Berlin’s booming tech and design scene and established their main European base there in 2013.

DXY’s client portfolio reads like a “who’s who” of household names, both from Germany and across the world. The agency’s clients include Bosch, Aldi, FedEx and Nokia.

Like many progressive businesses, DXY maintain a flat team structure and have a focus on harnessing cutting edge tech. DXY currently specialise in apps focussed around medicine, business, and the ever-emerging Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

Find DXY Digital GmbH on Twitter.

Brandung GmbH & Co KG

Brandung GmbH is a large digital agency with offices in Berlin and Cologne.  Led by a three person management staff consisting of Max Heike, Michael Hacke and Niels Struckmeyer, Brandung has developed for clients such as Bugatti, L’Oreal, and Fujitsu. In addition to mobile app development, Brandung also offers online marketing, e-commerce and corporate communications in their portfolio.

Find Brandung on Twitter.


Founder and CEO David Svanidze started App3Null after spending time as a Fund Manager in Munich. Located in the heart of Berlin, App3Null specializes in “high-end” mobile and web solutions. They’ve developed apps for the fashion, transport, public service and financial sectors. One of their earliest successes was Genius Camp, the first real-time IQ Quiz in the world.


Novoda is another app agency that’s chosen Berlin as the prime position for a base in mainland Europe. The company also has a presence in the UK, US and Barcelona.

Novoda is also a Google Certified app agency with a very approachable vibe (they prominently display a phone number instead of hiding behind a contact form!) This communicative feel is also apparent in the company’s blog, which is updated regularly with industry info and interesting insights into how the agency works.

Like all the agencies on this list, Novoda has a client list to be proud off. Names that stand out include The Times, SoundCloud and CCleaner.

Find Novada on Twitter.


Autentek is a small boutique agency first established in 2007 and currently led by Immanuel and Johnnes Scheerer. But don’t let their size fool you, they’ve created custom apps for companies such as SFC Energy, the PALL Corporation, and the Melt!, Splash! and Berlin Festivals. They specialize in mobile apps and develop native apps for Android and iOS. They can also bind your app to a content management system so you can update content yourself.

Find Autentek on LinkedIn.

Luvago GmbH

A small agency operating from their offices on the fashionable Berlin street of Kurfürstendamm, Luvago counts global corporate brands like Redbull and SAP on their client list. Founded in 2012 by CEOs David Deickhoff and Bjorn Wagner, Luvago emphasizes transparency, quality and speed in all of their mobile solutions.

Find Luvago GmbH on Facebook.

Karlmax Berlin, gmbH

Established in 2011, Karlmax chiefly began developing for the Android platform but has since expanded into other platforms. Led by Karl Szwillus, Karlmax has authored apps for the German culture magazine ARTE, the Berlin International Film Festival and energy supplier enBW. They develop for iOS, Android, tablets and web.

FTWK GmbH & Co. KG

FTWK, as they say on their web page, is in the business of delivering the future. Led by Lutz Haase (who, as he proudly states on his LinkedIn profile “gets stuff done”), FTWK builds and develops apps for world known brands such as Toshiba, Red Bull, Bayer and O2. Employing agile development methods, FTWK works to deliver innovative MVP products that inspire and amaze.

Find FTWK GmbH on Twitter.


Describing itself as “smaller and more focused,” Berlin based nxtbgthng specialises solely in iOS apps. The company switched over to Apple’s Swift back in 2014 and hasn’t looked back.

They are open source fans, sharing some of their own work on Github for others to use. It’s great work too, trusted by companies that include Fiat, Volkswagen and Red Bull.

Via a partner agency called evenly, they also get involved in cross-platform work,

Follow nxtbgthng on Twitter.

Top App Companies Berlin

So that’s our wrap up of the top app companies in Berlin. What did you think? Were there any agencies we left out? Run an app agency and want to make sure you’re included in our next list?

Leave a comment below, drop us a line or reach out to us on Twitter.

Top App Development Companies Boston


If you’ve been following this blog, you know that here at Kumulos we’ve been taking the time to highlight some of the awesome app work done by different mobile agencies around the world. A couple of weeks back, we turned our attention to Washington, DC and last week to New York. We’ve also highlighted agencies in Texas, the mid-West, Los AngelesSan Francisco, and the UK among others. This week, however, we wanted to turn our eye to Boston, Massachusetts and some of the great work being done there.

First founded by Puritan settlers in 1630, Boston, Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in the United States. But don’t that that lull you into thinking that Beantown is stuck in the past. As one of the 25th largest metropolitan areas in the US, Boston is also home to over 2,000 startups and ranks number one in the US in preparedness for the digital economy. Let’s not forget to mention that with so many world class universities present, such as Cambridge, Harvard and MIT, Boston has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of the one thing that every top app agency needs – talent.

So grab a bowl of clam chowder (here’s President Kennedy’s favorite recipe) and lets take a look at our picks (in alphabetical order) for some of the top app development companies in Boston.


Founder Sean Mahoney, a developer, started AndPlus in 2009 with one thing in mind – making custom software easy. Because of this background, at AndPlus the battle cry is “good code.” Mahoney has put together a top notch team of coders, designers and developers all in-house at AndPlus. That means no freelancers, no outsourcing and no sub-contractors. Because of this, there isn’t a framework or a language that the team there can’t handle. AndPlus develops native applications for both iOS and Android, and also cross-platform applications such as Xamarin and PhoneGap. As they proclaim on their website, AndPlus “doesn’t do Angry Birds.” Instead, they focus on the hard stuff. Which is why companies and brands like the Harvard School of Public Health, Bloomberg and Medica trust them with their app development.

Follow AndPlus on Twitter.


AMP Agency, led by CEO Gary Colen, begin life as a non-traditional marketing agency. Since then, they’ve transformed into a team of 100 creatives, designers and developers with services ranging from analytics, brand strategy, creative, search, integrated media, social and, of course, app development. Their clients include IcelandAir, Princess Cruises, Play-Doh, and and Samsung. Their full services capabilities means that they can cope with the full digital footprint of the brand making it a highly creative yet highly commercially focused one top shop.

Here’s an example of a game they created for another of their clients, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Follow AMP Agency on Twitter.


Hedgehog also makes it onto our Top UK App developers, with its roots in Newcastle England. Founded by CEO and former developer Sarat Pediredla when he saw the opportunity to build a company centred around software developers. Hedgehog helps companies prepare for a mobile future while, as their website says, “shunning politics and the typical bulls**”t” that permeates the corporate world. Their main focus is on app design and development for platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5. Hedgehog also develops apps for wearable devices, IoT and AR and VR technologies. In addition to their Boston office, hedgehog have a location in Austin, Texas, two branches in the UK (Newcastle and London), a European office in Copenhagen and another overseas branch in Hyderabad, India. As reflected by their diverse locations, Hedgehogs’ clients are global and include brands like B&M, Mitsubishi, the Financial Times and England Rugby.

Follow hedgehog lab on Twitter.


Like the other Best Boston Area mobile agencies on our list, Infrared5 develops for both iOS and Android, as well as other platforms. Where Infrared5 differs, however, is offering app development and integration with the open source Red5 media server – perfect for apps requiring streaming audio, video and other bleeding edge technologies. Founder and CEO Chris Allen is a leader in the open source community and co-author of the book The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development. With clients like Brightcove, Hasbro, Sony, NBC and StarWars under their belt, Infrared5 can handle whatever cutting edge technology is required to make that perfect app.

Follow Infrared5 on Twitter.


Raizlabs first appeared on our  Best North East US App Agencies list in 2015 and we’re happy for them to make a reapparance on our new Boston focused list. Initially founded in 2003 by Greg Raiz, a former Program Manager on Windows XP, Raizlabs began life as a user interface and user experience design firm. After the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Raizlabs shifted their focus to apps and shortly thereafter began their rise to the top when one of their apps exploded off the AppStore charts. Now with over 100 launches under their belt, Raizlabs can boast a team of over 70 people and develops not only for mobile, but for also for voice, IoT, AI, VR and more. In May of 2016, Raizlabs was the first agency in the United States to become Google Certified. So it’s no wonder that Raizlabs is trusted by  international clients such as Six Flags, AAA, B&H and Bloomingdale’s.

Follow Raizlabs on Twitter.


Rocket Farm CEO Dan Katcher comes from a background in wireless technology. Here he led teams that designed web sites for brands like the NFL, CBS and TMZ. When the smart phone industry began to explode in 2008, Katcher founded Rocket Farm to help companies capitalize in this new market. Rocket Farm develops world class apps for iOS, Android and mobile platforms  – everything from mobile games, enterprise, SKDs, mobile APIs and more. As Rocket Farm likes to say  – they’re prepared for platforms that don’t even exist yet.

Follow Rocket Farm on Twitter.


Rocket Insights was started by a group of developers and designers working for larger companies who wanted to bring their combined decades of experience to the agency world. As such, one of the key strengths of Rocket Insights is that they integrate closely with their clients existing development teams. If a client has a more experienced team, that means development goes twice as fast. Conversely, if Rocket is approached by a client with a junior development team, they can jump right in to bring everyone up to speed. At Rocket Insights, they love technology, but they’re not married to it – they’ll work with the best technology to deliver the best results for the customer. They do this by using sprint and MVP methodologies to help ensure their client’s apps are slim, sleek and out the door in a timely fashion. Rocket develops for Android and iOS, as well as the web. Some of their clients include Hulu, Weight Watchers, Virgin and Comcast.

Here’s a short video on some of Rocket Insights experiences working with voice and AI.

Follow Rocket Insights on Twitter.


ZCO Corporation appeared in our list of Best North East US Agencies in 2015 and we’re more than happy to give them a spot here in our best Boston Agencies list of 2017. Founded and led by John Olapurath in 1989 (when cell phones had to be carried in a briefcase) as a software development company, Zco has since then grown into one of the largest app development companies in the world. With more than 300 project managers, engineers and designers spread across 8 offices worldwide, Zco can handle just about any project that comes their way. Their mobile development services center on hybrid apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone and include platforms such as HTML5, PhoneGap, Xamarin, and Appcellerator. Besides mobile, their also develop for wearables, IoT and offer additional services like digital marketing, video and even 3D animation. As befits their status as one of the biggest and best app development companies out there, ZCo clients include Microsoft, BBC America and Motorola.

Here’s a look at their 2017 portfolio:

Follow ZCO Corporation on Twitter.


Well – those are our picks for some of the best and brightest app developers in Boston.  So many more great agencies that we wanted to fit in but just didn’t have the space for.

How did we do? Did we leave out a major player?

Let us know what you think by dropping us a line or a comment below.

Top App Development Companies New York City


The Big Apple! Home of the Yankees (Yes –
and also the Mets – we’re not trying to pick a fight here), the glittering lights of Broadway and, of course, the ubiquitous pizza slice.

New York has never had any problems with catching people’s attention – whether it’s all the tourists crowding into Times Square, or, in our case, a number of hard working app agencies who are looking to change the world one app at a time.

In 2015, we singled out some of the best app companies based in the US North East for recognition. We were all set to do the same this year, but after seeing all the awesome work coming out of NYC alone, we wanted to narrow our focus a bit and showcase some of (at least in our eyes) the rock star app development agencies based there.

So grab a slice of pizza and – if you were planning to do anything else for the next few minutes FUGGEDABOUTIT! Take a gander at our picks (in alphabetical order) for the top app development companies in NYC.


Appetizer Mobile bills themselves as a full service digital agency, and they mean it in every sense of the word. Led by CEO Jordan Edelson, a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur, Appetizer develops for both web and mobile across platforms including iPhone, Android, Unity, Windows, WordPress, HTML, and Xamarin. In addition, they also develop 2D and 3D games, as well as creating applications for next generation technology and devices like the Occulus Rift, Samsung Gear, Apple Watch and Apple TV.  Besides development, their services include social media consulting, marketing and search engine & app store optimization. Entertainment, sports and music are some of their chief clients, with names like the NBA, Epic Records, and Universal Music Group, along with artists like Lady Gaga and 50 Cent.

Here’s a trailer for one of their games, Portalball, the world’s first augmented reality sci-fi baseball game.

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Founded in 2009 by CEO Alex Moazed with nothing more than three credit cards and an idea, Applico has since launched over 350 apps for clients including Disney, DirectTV and HP.  Applico bills itself as the world’s first Platform Innovation company. Their core service is Platform Design – or BCaaS – “Business Creation as a Service”.  Platform design involves working with their clients to figure out which platform is right for them and how it can best be exploited. They’ve detailed this process in a book, Modern Monopolies, authored by Moazed and Applico Head of Platform, Nicholas Johnson. Of course, as their business name implies, Applico also develops across multiple platforms including Windows Phone, iPhone and Android as well as Phonegap and Xamarin. We wrote about Applico in our Best North East US App Agencies article in 2015, but wanted to point out that since then, Applico Exec Johnson has become the World’s first Pokemon Go master.

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AppPartner is unashamedly Brooklyn based. Their headquarters, located in the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, gives them access to some of the most talented designers and developers in the world. As they say on their web site, “We believe in doing the job right – and that means doing the job in Brooklyn.”  Lead by co-CEOs Drew Johnson and Justin Le Clair, AppPartner offers end-to-end mobile services for both iOS and Android platforms including consulting, branding, coding, testing and post launch optimization. They serve clients from all over the globe, such as B&H, Weightwatchers, AP and esurance.

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Founded by brothers Thomas and Dominic Tancredi, Dom and Tom is world class mobile dev shop with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. If that wasn’t enough, their logo is a twin headed robot (Editorial disclaimer: We like robots). They work in any language, on any platform for both mobile and web. Dom and Tom employ a user-centric process to help achieve their customer’s business goals. With over 250+ projects under their belt, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies, and clients like Hearst, Priceline and Citibank, the team at Dom and Tom can handle any app on any platform all the way from inception to deployment and beyond,

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Another Brooklyn area firm, Five Agency is hard at work designing the next generation of mobile apps. Originally founded in Croatia by CEO Luka Abrus, where they still have a European office, Five handles big name clients on both sides of the Atlantic, including Squarespace, Rhapsody, Microsoft and MTV. Their development team experience ranges from native mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) to web development with Ruby-on-Rails and Java.

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Majestyk likes to say that they don’t have clients or customers – they have partners. They offer big agency results with boutique-style relationships. As with the other agencies on our list, Majestyk offers full stack design and development on just about any platform for both mobile and web. Beyond development, Majestyk’s catalogue includes pre-development services like discovery & ideation, competitive analysis and fundraising, all the way to post-development support such as content and integrated marketing strategies. Lead by founder Sean O’Shea, Majestykapp counts companies like Pepsi, IBM and Cognitoys among its partners.

Here’s a short clip of the Majestyk Apps team presenting their prize winning app at the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge.

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Another one of our Brooklyn based Best NYC App Agencies (must be something in the pizza there), Tendigi is a first generation app development company founded in 2009 by former Apple QA Engineer Jeff Soto. Tendigi develops for a full range of mobile, wearable and desktop platforms. Their services include hardware prototyping, front-end web development, server-side (backend) development, embedded system design and – in keeping with founder Soto’s previous career – quality assurance testing. Since we highlighted them in our Best US North East App Agency list in 2015, they’ve added an impressive list of clients like Viacom, Comedy Central, the Home Depot and Ford.

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We highlighted Two Bulls in our earlier article on the Top US North East App Agencies and we’re more than delighted to award them a spot in our first Top NYC Agency list. It’s not hard to see why – if you’re looking to develop an app that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, these are the guys to go to. Founded by college pals James Kane and Noah Harlan in 2009, Two Bulls maintains a global presence with additional offices in Melbourne and Berlin. Besides mobile apps, they also develop desktop apps, apps for Augmented Reality and provide platform development and support for IoT devices. One of their specialized services is app store submission optimization, which helps ensure that app store metadata is validated properly so the app submission process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Top App Development Companies New York City – Your Turn

With so many great agencies creating awesome apps all over the New York City area, it was hard to narrow our list of top companies down. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below or drop us a line on Twitter.

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