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Deliver an unparalleled customer experience that flies in the face of convention

The 21st-century traveler: tech-savvy, ultra-connected and rightly expecting every travel and hospitality brand they interact with to provide a safe, dependable and unsurpassed white-glove experience wherever and however they choose – but why bother just optimizing when you can revolutionize instead?

How is Mobile App Technology impacting your industry?

Raise the bar

Reignite loyalty

Do it the easy way – by embedding automated, intelligent decision-making across your marketing and getting eyes on the optimum channels to focus your loyalty programs.

Skyrocket user-growth

Grow your fan-base with laser-focused, contextual comms, re-engage lost users, predict visitor dropoff, then get up close and personal to convert casual browsers into customers.

Revolutionize the CX

Be seen in the right place at the right time with deep customer insights that help craft the perfect personalized conversation – one that keeps customers coming back for more, time and again.

Own the omnichannel

Identify top-performing channels, plug the gaps, and be left in absolutely no doubt where your efforts should be focused. Then start tapping value you didn’t realize you had.

Free your team

Outstanding Support

Speed wins. Quickly identify trends then seamlessly upgrade the customer experience – and slash the time you spend on pricing decisions from weeks to hours.

Innovative engagement your bottom line will love

For travel and hospitality brands with their eyes on the future, rapid delivery of digital experiences that keep customers ultra-engaged across every touchpoint is non-negotiable.

Rich, interactive messaging that reaches your customers at precisely the right time and on the right channel? Check. Automated, personalized communications that drive two-way conversation? Check. Location-aware messaging that makes for a super-easy travel experience? Check. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Kumulos goes above and beyond, giving your team a powerful set of tools to reach your user how and when they want to hear from you, transforming the customer experience across your entire digital real-estate – before, during and after their trip. The results? Amplified engagement and long-term loyalty that your bottom-line will love.

Pitch-perfect messaging

A glory hole of devices, numerous online channels, the sharing economy – getting close to your customers, wherever they are, means it’s time to get serious about synergy.

Deliver pitch-perfect messaging first time – wherever and however it needs to land – and turn mere interactions into valuable connections built on insights that matter. Kumulos gives the savvy marketing team unparalleled, actionable intel that helps you to get to know your customers better, connect with them where and when it matters and deepen trust in your brand. All making for an unequaled omnichannel experience that makes you easy to fall for.

Unique, valuable, profitable

Go beyond relentless problem-solving and bring new ideas and opportunities to revenue-generating life! When you need eyes on users, behavior, and location (and which 21st-century travel enterprise doesn’t?), flawless, deep-dive data at your fingertips means you’ve got it.

Precision segmentation with Kumulos means unparalleled customer clarity so you can start crafting unique, personalized customer journeys based on facts, not fluff. Deliver the perfect message at the perfect time on the perfect channel; transform customer interactions from mediocre to meaningful through location-aware experiences then automate it all to free up your team (and your purse-strings).

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