Manage across the full life of your mobile apps

Unified Mobile App Performance Management (mAPM) from Kumulos, is the first fully integrated platform that lets you deliver services across the full life-cycle of mobile apps.

  • Services that help you deliver the technical and commercial results to ensure apps succeed…
  • Services that are affordable, easy to implement and simple to manage…
  • Services that give you the insight AND the tools to drive app success.

Kumulos is the only white label, multi-tenant unified mobile app performance management platform that lets you manage the commercial success and technical performance of your mobile apps.

Until now, its been hard to get a complete view of how mobile apps are performing. With Kumulos we help make life easy. No more jumping between tool-sets just to get the job done.

See how Kumulos helps businesses like yours grow…

So how do we do it?

Unified Mobile App Performance Management from Kumulos is your single pane of glass, helping you manage the technical AND commercial health and well being of mobile apps. 

Kumulos gives you one place to go to improve App Store Performance and attract new users, run Push Notification campaigns to drive up user engagement, manage Crashes to keep apps stable and responsive and manage app data so content is always fresh. Unified by a powerful real-time analytics dashboard you can immediately see how apps are performing and how your efforts are impacting on their commercial success.

We also draw all this together with our Client Portal and