Manage across the full life of your mobile apps

Unified Mobile App Performance Management (mAPM) from Kumulos, is the first fully integrated platform that lets you deliver services across the full life-cycle of mobile apps.

  • Services that help you deliver the technical and commercial results to ensure apps succeed…
  • Services that are affordable, easy to implement and simple to manage…
  • Services that give you the insight AND the tools to drive app success.

Kumulos is the only white label, multi-tenant unified mobile app performance management platform that lets you manage the commercial success and technical performance of your mobile apps.

Until now, its been hard to get a complete view of how mobile apps are performing. With Kumulos we help make life easy. No more jumping between tool-sets just to get the job done.

See how Kumulos helps businesses like yours grow…

So how do we do it?

Unified Mobile App Performance Management from Kumulos is your single pane of glass, helping you manage the technical AND commercial health and well being of mobile apps. 

Kumulos gives you one place to go to improve App Store Performance and attract new users, run Push Notification campaigns to drive up user engagement, manage Crashes to keep apps stable and responsive and manage app data so content is always fresh. Unified by a powerful real-time analytics dashboard you can immediately see how apps are performing and how your efforts are impacting on their commercial success.

We also draw all this together with our Client Portal and Monthly Report. So, if you are building apps for enterprise, you can give your clients their own login to view analytics, see their app store listings, manage their own push notification campaigns and share monthly reports, all branded up as “your” platform.

With Kumulos Unified Mobile App Performance Management you have all the data and all the tools you need to drive mobile app success… all in one place.

Make life easy.

Commercial Unified Mobile App Performance Management

ASO – DELIVER MORE DOWNLOADS. With Kumulos App Store Optimization you can ensure you are getting the most out of the app store and drive new installs. Compare your keywords and listing against your competition and make sure you your target users find your app first. All set up in minutes and no app store credentials are required.

Push Notifications Service – DRIVE UP USER ENGAGEMENT.  We make it easy to program your app to fire push notifications at key points on your app as well as run engagement campaigns to keep users coming back into your app.  With powerful Channel targeting and Segmentation together with Geo-Fencing and Beacon Support you can ensure highly relevant notifications reach your users when they are most likely to engage with the app.

Analytics and Reporting – INSIGHT DRIVEN DECISIONS. Our App Reporting and Analytics feature lets you combine your commercial and technical metrics into one view and gives you insights into every aspect of the apps performance. Get insights into engagement rates, session length and frequency, app and OS versions, hardware and location metrics and much more. See how crashes are impacting your retention rates and how your push notification campaigns are increasing engagement rates.

Technical Unified Mobile App Performance Management

mBaaS – ROBUST & SCALABLE. Not only does Kumulos remove the headache and overhead of managing server-side work, we provide insights into how many API calls are taking place and keep an eye on API Processing times to keep those users happy and using your app. Getting too many users? No problem, Kumulos will automatically scale with your needs.

Crash Reporting and Diagnostics – FIX PROBLEMS FAST. Get alerted when crashes occur and fix them fast before they impact your users. Kumulos will automatically group crashes together so you can easily and quickly prioritise and fix the issues that are most impacting your users. Get insights into which devices, models or app versions are crashing so you can easily assess the commercial impact of each issue. You also get full 360 degree visibility with API endpoint monitoring. Kumulos means you can easily see the status and condition of every API your apps rely on. It flags problems before any users are impacted. Shows API availability, latency and payload so you can proactively deliver a fast and responsive mobile app.

Unified Mobile App Performance Management from Kumulos – Make life easy for yourself and drive the best possible business results from your mobile apps.