Building APIs in Kumulos

In Kumulos, we provide two APIs that you can use to access and manipulate that data: our RPC-style API and our RESTful API. These can be used in combination with one another to program just about anything.

Building APIs in Kumulos couldn’t be easier! We support all the major devices and platforms. Our drag and drop interface makes it easy to build your database tables, create a method, build your API and download bindings in minutes.

KScripts gives the power of custom business logic in a high level language but without the hassle of managing the runtime environment. KScripts is JavaScript that runs on the server interacting with the backend databases so you programmatically tell the backend database what you need from it. This free form method allows you to build custom API’s easily and quickly.

If you have any questions, be sure to check our extensive online API docs or just drop us a line.