Reporting & Analytics

The Kumulos Client App Report along with our own branded Customer App Portal sets you apart from your competition.

It lets you offer your clients a real aftercare services where you stay with them through the entire life of the app, not just the build. It also keeps you close building a regular dialogue that means you are there to pick up all the follow on work. And what’s more, your clients will pay you monthly for it.

What could be better than a service your clients pay for and at the same time flags follow on work for you?

The report answers the main questions most app publishers have, and more:

  • Am I growing my users and getting more downloads?
  • What platforms are most popular?
  • Where are my users located?
  • Are my app users more engaged?
  • How is the app performing?

You can read more on Kumulos’ reporting and analytics features in our comprehensive online docs or feel free to drop us a question.