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Win More Clients, Launch Apps Faster, Deliver a Great Service and Get More Customers on Monthly Retainer – With Kumulos

Who uses Kumulos

Why App Developers use Kumulos

Win more projects.

Show prospects real, tangible evidence that your care won’t stop at the water’s edge.

The Client Portal, App Store Optimization Module, Key Metrics Reports and more are branded as yours, not ours. Use these as evidence of why you’re better than the other guys. Win more business.

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Develop apps faster.

Multi-Tenant mBaaS frees your developers and puts you in control.

Let your developers work to a common standard, freeing them from the complexity and hassle of building and managing the server side of your apps. So you focus on what’s important – building awesome apps for clients.

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Go truffle hunting.

Uncover opportunities for further development work.

Customer-facing reports give you instant ammo for post-launch meetings. Now you’ll have a reason – and the info – to meet weekly or monthly. Keep the dialogue going and find new opportunities for further development.

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Get your Clients on Retainer.

Set up an on-going Customer Care Program.

Break the ‘build-chuck-hunt’ cycle of the app development business. Deploy a range of features to sell an ongoing, recurring Customer Care Program and get your mobile app clients on monthly retainer.

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Platform Features

Push Notifications

Use our easy, straightforward Push Notification service to deliver an App Engagement Service for your Clients. Or turn control over to your Clients through their Client Portal.

Let them create their own notifications, build and schedule campaigns, trigger notifications based on location or geofences and view results in “your” monthly report and dashboard. Deliver a higher standard of service and win more customers.

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Crash Reporting

Helping you manage the health and wellbeing of your clients apps, keeping them in the peak of health and the user experience smooth as silk. Focus on the big issues and solve them fast, even before your clients knew there was an issue.

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Industry Leading mBaaS

Our impressive backend-as-a-service, takes all the server-side hassle away from building, hosting and managing the content of clients apps. Use it on its own or along side other Kumulos services.

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Reporting & Analytics

Schedule automatic Weekly or Monthly Key Metrics Reports – branded as yours – to be sent direct to your Client. Or hold it back for monthly review meetings. Deliver a higher standard of aftercare. Help them succeed.

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App Store Optimization

Put science behind nailing your clients app store listing first time. Keep it in peak condition so they get their full share of app store downloads and get more mobile app projects on retainer.

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Agency Console

All your Clients and their apps under your own Agency Console. This is your multi-tenant  ‘single pane of glass’ that lets you stay organised and in control. You decide who gets access to each client app, perfect for large development teams or if you you outsource app development.

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Client Portal

Branded as yours and accessed through your website. Let Clients create, run their own Push Notification campaigns, see performance against competitors in the App Stores, manage app content, view  key app analytics, and more. Deliver a higher standard of service.

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Kumulos is priced per feature you use per app that you use it on. From as little as a few dollars per day per app, you can deliver a higher standard of service. Better yet, do as others do and develop a recurring revenue stream. Put Kumulos to work in your mobile app business and deliver services that get more mobile app client on retainer.

Kumulos takes just minutes to get going and there are no long-term, complicated contracts. If you’re not happy with us, turn us off and walk away.

Kumulos: Easy, affordable, effective.

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