Successful Mobile App Agencies use Kumulos to Grow Monthly Recurring Revenue.

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Kumulos solves your business & technical problems.

Built around secure, battle-hardened and easy to use Mobile Backend As A Service (mBaaS), we are no ordinary app platform. As well as a great technical solution, we solve your biggest business problem. Move away from a hand to mouth, project to project existence and have a business built on strong monthly recurring revenue.

  • Make more money from your App Projects with Kumulos.
  • Secure, scalable, re-usable cloud-based backend platform for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web apps.
  • System branded as yours – customer portal, custom url
  • Predictable monthly costs that fit with your billings
  • Manage all your projects from one central dashboard

Business Features

All Apps – One Place

Manage everything from one pane of glass - make life easier and more in control.

Stand out, be different

Offer high value, sticky services, that keep you close to your customers.

Grow Monthly Revenue

Turn app projects into growing monthly income - so you know where you stand each month.

Technical Features

Robust and Scalable

We scale as you grow, so your customers apps will never outgrow Kumulos.

Multi-platform Support

Build native apps or go cross platform with Xamarin, Cardova and more.

Covering Full App Lifecycle

Features, branded up as your own services, covering the full app live cycle.

Why we are different

  • We think different from all other app platforms.
  • We understand you better because we’ve been you.
  • We help you make money across the entire app lifecycle.

Strong recurring revenue base

Make Money each month, after the app ships

  • Turn one off project revenue into multi-year monthly income
  • 3x project income over the life of the app
  • Balance the books, cover monthly costs with monthly income
  • Price confidently and command high project margins
  • Sleep at night and take time out, knowing bills are covered.

More profit from your App Projects

Build more apps with more profit and less labor.

  • Build new apps fast
  • Manage existing apps profitably
  • Standardise build and maintenance
  • Focus on WOW in-app user experiences
  • Saving hundreds of hours of server-side development effort