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Mobile App Agencies use us to save money building apps and make money, monthly, when the apps live.

  • Grow Monthly Recurring Revenue build, app optimization and management services around Kumulos.
  • Show your Value by branding up Kumulos as yours, so your clients see the great job you’re doing.
  • Tie your customers to you. Become their integrated and indispensable mobile app partner.

What we do

Kumulos - the Agency App Build & App Management Platform

The only platform built for mobile app agencies. We save you money when you build an app and make you money by helping you deliver follow on services when your client’s app goes live.

Build your Agency Recurring Revenue Services on Kumulos

Out of the box Kumulos Services, branded up as yours, that build monthly income for you.

Sell Optimization Programs to improve on-boarding and in app performance

Sell App Hosting and backend management services. Build Apps faster, let our mBaaS take care of server-side code and run time environments

Sell Infrastructure Services to keep client apps in the peak of health

Robust, Strong, Secure Technical Solution for your Client’s Mobile Apps

The single pane of glass to manage all your clients’ mobile app and web projects, all in one place.

  • Multi-tenant Agency Console – all your clients and all their apps, all in one place
  • Push Notifications - Built into the app as well as a dashboard to give your clients control of their own campaigns
  • API Management - Intelligent API Management – develop apps faster and access backend applications the easy way
  • White-label Client App Portal Your client’s login to view their app data, manage content and see your shared documents
  • Mobile Backend as a Service mBaaS - Industry leading & powerful mBaaS that takes care of the server-side for your app.
  • Insightful, Actionable Analytics – to help you drive Recency, Frequency and increased Engagement in your client’s apps.
  • CDN & File Storage – fast efficient and cost effective way to host app content

Helping Your Business Grow

Just getting started with Monthly recurring services? No problem. We can show you how its done. Our short, sharp engagements show you how to build a stronger more valuable app business. How to broaden out from just building apps to providing high value, monthly recurring services that your customers will love to pay for.

No one in your business to run optimization and app marketing for you? Our Jump-start Program sets it up, runs it for you and then transition it to you when your ready.

Why we are different

Its Simple... Everything we do is built around you

We are they only Mobile App Build & Management platform built just for Mobile App Agencies and Developers.
All your clients, all their apps, all in one place.


Make Money each month, earn from the full mobile app lifecycle

  • Turn one off project revenue into multi-year monthly income
  • 3x project income over the life of the app
  • Balance the books, cover monthly costs with monthly recurring revenue
  • Sleep at night and take time out, knowing bills are covered.

More profit from your App Projects

Build more apps with more profit and less labor.

  • Build new apps fast and at less cost
  • Brand up Kumulos features, add your margin and sell these as your mobile Optimization and Management Services.
  • Standardize build and run time environment maintenance
  • Saving hundreds of hours of server-side development effort


  • You set the price – keep at least 80% of the revenue for you
  • Your brand across everything
  • Widget on your website for your clients to access their own app portal
  • Everything through one single pane of glass – all your clients, all your apps - all in one place

Try today – For a better app business tomorrow

It’s free to try, simple to set up, pay monthly, no contract, walk away anytime.

Talk to us

We’ll tell you more about what Kumulos offers and how getting going with App Optimization & Marketing.