We give ecommerce brands the power to engage, empower and retain their customers

Kumulos helps future-focused brands just like yours to connect meaningfully with customers and deliver world-class digital experiences –  experiences that engage your audience, elevate your reputation and boost your revenues.

How is Mobile App Technology impacting your industry?

Hundreds of options, thousands of insights, infinite possibilities …

Optimize conversions

Transform your data into your personal detective. Identify weak spots, eliminate drop-offs and turn new visitors into first-time buyers. Keep them coming back for more time and again …

Cultivate loyalty

A seamless and meaningful CX, exclusivity, and tangible benefits? Give your customers what they deserve by building trust and creating committed brand advocates.

Enrich the journey

Stand out by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, reward them in meaningful ways then watch your customer lifetime value rocket!

Enhance performance

Get eyes on which campaigns are working – and which are not. Refocus your resources where they matter. Then stand back and watch your ROI multiply.

Prevent churn

Uncover previously hidden opportunities to redefine your value proposition, personalize the customer journey and re-engage the stragglers. Wave adieu to churn.

Make it easy

Kumulos paves the way for customers to discover and fall for your brand. Enrich your messaging and delight new shoppers across your channels using integrated analytics that helps you reach your audience with the perfect message at the perfect time. From the first hello, to the first purchase, we make it easy for your team to quickly and seamlessly engage – and re-engage – casual browsers, recommend products they’re most likely to purchase and delight them with real-time, hyper-relevant messaging and conversations that encourage them to stick around.

Multiply sales

Ready to turbo-charge your sales? Kumulos lets you do just that, putting the power at your fingertips to design and deliver hyper-focused, super-effective cross-channel marketing (think personalized rewards, time-limited discounts, and new product launches) that engages your customers, eliminates drop-offs and boosts conversions:

  • Drastically reduce cart abandonment by getting eyes on when your customers have shopped – then dropped – and send automated, personalized, multi-channel messages to bring them back and complete the sale. 
  • Re-engage customers that have gone cold – then dazzle with hyper-personalized CX which keeps them interested, and coming back for more. 
  • Unquestionable clarity around your customers uncovers new opportunities so you can put your focus where it needs to be – then deliver an exceptional customer experience that meets every expectation, whoever and wherever your customer is.

Master loyalty

Build a strong symbiosis between the digital and physical experience; offer targeted, personalized value to your customers; deliver meaningful, invaluable micro-moments across your digital channels – Kumulos quickly and easily equips the savvy eCommerce enterprise with the tools that enable you to master customer loyalty:

  • Precision-targeting across customer micro-segments lets you delight customers across your channels with ultra-relevant, super-personalized offers, products, recommendations, discounts, and more …
  • Rich, interactive messaging delivers meaningful connections that customers – and potential customers – will love, increasing conversions, boosting retention, and skyrocketing lifetime value.