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Push Notification Service

Organize Push Campaigns in-house – or turn control over to your clients through their Client Portal.

In the good ole days, you had to build a web portal for each of your clients to manage their own push campaigns – time and effort you could be using for more productive tasks.

Now, Kumulos provides an easy-to-use, straightforward Push Notification Campaign Organizer. Clients can run campaigns themselves through ‘their’ Client Portal – and see results like open rates, unsubscribe rates and others. By giving them control, you cut your overheads and focus on real productive work – while offering them a higher standard of service. Easy.

Or, if you prefer, keep Push Notification campaigns in-house. Use our easy system to create, launch and measure the push campaigns you run for your clients. Turn a previously cumbersome chore into an easy, profitable service that you can deliver to clients.

We don’t want to be (ahem) pushy, but try Kumulos today. It’s free for 30-days.

Crash Reporting & Diagnostics

Mobile Application Performance Management – deliver an awesome app experience for your clients.

Using the latest machine learning and AI techniques get complete application performance management for your clients’ mobile apps. Kumulos crash makes it easy to keep on top of your clients’ apps so they stay in the peak of health.

  • Jump on problems fast and resolve them even before your clients know there’s a problem
  • Groups multiple crash instances so you can easily see the wood from the trees
  • Gives you stack trace, log files, device detail to quickly see and resolve problem areas
  • Triage incidents and workflow them easily through your dev team
  • Integration with Slack and Scrum tools, like Trello, Jira and Microsoft Teams

Kumulos lets you be proactive when it comes to ensuring the health of any Mobile App. Easily monitor API availability, latency & payload so you can fix issues before they impact your clients’ apps.

Industry Leading MBAAS

Easy Mobile Backend Hosting. Develop apps faster with Kumulos Multi-Tenant mBaaS.

Kumulos has been known for years as a provider of an impressive backend-as-a-service solution for mobile app developers. Our affordable back-end platform delivers major advantages for all of your in-house and external developers:

    • Secure, robust, scalable
    • Client can manage their own app content through your Client Portal
    • Hook up to existing databases
    • Integrate with any other web service that has an API

Automatic Reporting & Analytics

Branded as yours. Deliver a higher standard of aftercare. Build a retainer revenue stream.

Kumulos Reports answers your Clients’ key questions about their app’s progress:

  • Am I growing my users and getting more downloads?
  • What platforms are most popular?
  • Where are my users located?
  • Are my app users more engaged?
  • How is the app performing in the app store?
  • What are my push notification open and unsubscribe rates?

Set these to be delivered weekly or monthly – automatically and effortlessly. Better yet, they’re branded as yours – not ours – so you’re seen to be delivering a higher standard of post-launch service.

Kumulos users include Automatic Reporting in their post-launch Aftercare Support Package – and earn more retainer income.

App Store Optimization

Poach some Clients. Service the bejesus out of your own.

We know it’s not very nice, but hey, life’s tough – and then you die. With Kumulos’ App Store Optimization module, you can instantly see how the apps managed by your competitors are performing. You’ll be able to invite their clients into your App Portal to view an Assessment Report, then start a dialogue, sell them an App Store Optimization service – and recruit more clients. We say, better do it to them before they do it to you.

It’s also a great tool for your own Clients:

  • Rank apps for different search terms against the competition over time
  • Compare listing and performance in Apple and Google Play Stores
  • Get country specific rankings for your client’s target users
  • Track helpful reviews and recent reviews to measure the temperature of users
  • Assess search volume of each keyword to see if it’s worthwhile
  • Assess key word contention to see how hard it could be to “own” that term

Try Kumulos ASO out today for free.  No app store credentials needed.

Agency Console

Agency Console. A Single Pane of Glass.

Stay on top of Clients and their apps with our Single Pane of Glass view. All your Clients, their apps – and their progress – in one convenient place.

With your Agency Console, you can:

  • View all Clients and their apps – whether they’re built on Kumulos mBaaS or not.
  • Set up a Client Portal – branded as yours, not ours – so clients can manage their app direct from your website
  • Organise Push Campaigns and view real-time results
  • View App Store performance and recent reviews
  • See key app analytics – growth/decline in active users, time of day, location, how engaged users are and what platforms are growing. Stay on the front foot. Be knowledgeable about performance.
  • Set up Automatic Client Reports, weekly or monthly reports – branded as yours – showing how their app is performing with users
  • Maintain a convenient repository – proposals, reports, links and more – shared with your Client

And more.

Kumulos makes it easy to stay on top with your Agency Console. Try our free 30-day trial now.

Client App Portal

Fully rebrandable as your system view app analytic, manage push campaigns, app store optimization results, share documents, edit app content and more.

Set yourself apart from the pack. Demonstrate a higher standard of care with your Client Portal – and win more business.
You know why they should choose you for their next app project – but how do you convince prospective Clients?

With Kumulos, you can demonstrate how all your clients get a superior standard of care with their own Client Portal – branded as yours and accessed through your website, never ours.

The Client Portal allows Clients to:

  • Create, launch and monitor Push Notification campaigns
  • View their progress, ratings and reviews in the App Stores
  • View real-time Key Analytics like active device trends, platform adoption and how engaged users are.
  • Create and share Weekly or Monthly reports – branded as yours – showing how their app is performing with users
  • Access a complete repository of shared documents like proposals, progress reports or even let them backup app data.

The Client Portal provides double-barrel advantages: it delivers real value to existing Clients AND shows prospective Clients how you really do deliver a superior standard of care.

Try us for free for 30-days. Easy, affordable business builder.

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