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Everything we do is built with making you money in mind

Hard-working Mobile App Agencies make more money from client app projects with Kumulos. We are the only mobile app management platform built specifically for mobile app development businesses. We offer you an awesome technical solution that takes care of all the server-side work for your app, gives you free standing or integrated push notification service, app store optimization,  and a range of agency features you won’t find anywhere else. But we go way beyond other app platforms by also solving some of your biggest business problems. Whether you are a mobile-first App Agency building mobile apps for enterprise clients or a web-first business looking to add app builds to what your company does, Kumulos works for you.

A Better Technical Platform for your App Business

Build enterprise class apps on a stable, scalable and secure platform. Deliver web and mobile projects cost efficiently, reduce your running costs and be smart about using your most valued resource, your people.

Kumulos is the single pane of glass to manage all your clients’ mobile app and web projects.

  • Push Notifications – let your clients self-serve or offer them a managed app engagement service.
  • App Store Optimization – help drive more Google and Apple app store downloads.
  • Mobile Backend Hosting (mBaaS).
  • Multi-tenant, single pane of glass Agency Console – manage all your clients and all their apps, all in one place.
  • Client App Portal – fully rebrandable as your system with analytics and to manage push campaigns, app store optimization results, share documents, edit app content and more.
  • Automated Client App Report – showing active devices, user location, platforms and more.
  • SDK’s for Android, iOS, Windows, Swift, C# and more.
  • Hosting, CDN & File Storage.
  • Analytics to manage app recency, frequency and grow app engagement.
  • Bring your own Data with database Hookup.
  • Write custom server-side code – with KScripts.

Kumulos is built around you and how you work. Single sign-on, white-labelled as yours, with agency friendly pricing, Kumulos gives you an easy to sell and simple to deliver range of services that take costs out of your business and brings in  monthly recurring services income. It may have started life as a mobile backend as a service letting busy app developers build mobile apps fast by taking away all the server-side development, hosting and file storage,  but its now the only mobile app agency management platform helping you get your mobile app projects on a monthly retainer. So money keeps rolling in, no matter how busy you are.

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 A Better Mobile App Business

Build a Services Layer into your mobile app business and secure monthly revenue platform for your business and break away from the hand to mouth existence that comes from a project based revenue stream.

      • Build Monthly Recurring Revenue – move away from unpredictable project billing to a monthly retainer.
      • Grow your App Business the Easy Way – keep close to your customers to you become their integrated and indispensable mobile app partner.
      • Prove your Value to your Clients  brand up Kumulos as yours, so your clients see the great job you’re doing.
      • Customer App Portal – give each of your customers their very own white label App Portal, see how their app’s performing, edit app content live, share project documentation.
      • Monthly App Report – automatic white label monthly client app report covering all the things your app customers care about. All branded as yours of course.
      • Agency Console – All your customers, all their apps, all in one place with our white label Agency Console. Stay on top of your growing agency and manage all your customers through one pane of glass.
      • Push Notification Dashboard – Let your clients login to their own Push Notification Dashboard, branded as yours, where they run and manage their own push notification campaigns.
      • App Store Optimization as a Service – help your clients get their full share of app store search traffic with Kumulos ASO. Nail the listing first time and keep it in good shape.
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We know it’s one thing instinctively knowing you should be doing things better, its another thing finding the time to make it happen. Whether you’re using Kumulos or not, we’ll show you how to build a stronger more valuable app business by building app optimization and marketing into your app development business. Broaden out from just building apps to providing high value, pay monthly services that your customers will love to pay for.

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