Crash Reporting & Diagnostics

Kumulos Crash Reporting and Diagnostics is Mobile Application Performance Management made simple. Keep your apps awesome, today and tomorrow.

Kumulos uses advanced machine learning and AI techniques to make it easy to create order out of chaos, so you stay on top of your client’s mobile apps and they stay in the peak of health.

Key Features

  • Clean, easy to use interface that lets you get to the problem quickly and fix it fast
  • Cross platform – Objective C, Swift and Android (with more in the works)
  • Track unhandled exceptions in your client’s apps
  • Intelligent grouping so you can focus on fixing the issues having the biggest impact
  • Prioritize fixes and manage their workflow through your development team
  • Pre-integrated with Slack and Scrum tools like Jira and Trello
Crash Reporting

Kumulos Crash Reporting – Set up is quick and easy

Easy to set up, all Kumulos services are powered from the same SDK, so no multiple services SDKs to integrate and no unnecessary complexity to your mobile app project.

40,000ft view to 1ft view instantly

See the big picture and swoop in on the biggest issues fast to keep the app running great and the user experience smooth as silk.

  • Focus on the big issues – Easily see volume of affected installs to understand the impact on the app user community
  • Filter all issues, just new issues or check on progress of actioned fixes
  • Separate out fatal from non-fatal instances so you focus where it matters most
  • Group by OS version and over different date ranges and spot trends to expose underlying issues
Crash Reporting

Knowing as much as possible about the crash will give you the best possible chances of fixing it fast. So we give you all the useful information you need to jump on the problem quickly. Information like device model, app version, location, and time-stamp.

Letting you easily compare similar crashes, you’ll be able to quickly spot any correlation.

Kumulos Crash Reporting

Everything you need, to solve problems fast

We put everything you need at your finger-tips so you can jump on problems fast, get to the root of the problem and solve the issue, even before your client has noticed a problem.

  • Easily flip between the stack trace and logs of a single issue
  • Quickly switch between occurrences of the same crash to drill into the problem
  • Triage problems easy deciding which ones to reject and which ones to fix
Crash Reporting

Kumulos Crash Reporting – Hand in Glove with your workflow

It’s not just good practise but down right common sense to make sure that you handle problems fast and resolve them quickly. Key to this is good communication across your team, especially if you works across multiple locations. Kumulos Crash Reporting fits with how you work.

  • Add comments directly against the instance so everyone knows the status of each crash and what the next steps are.
  • Seamless integration with Slack and SCRUM tools Jira and Trello
  • We make it easy to workflow this through your existing business processes.
Kumulos Crash Reporting

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