Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

From compelling connections to effortless engagement, there’s never been a better moment to uncover your potential for reinvention and resilience.

Staying relevant in 2021’s rapidly changing landscape can be challenging. But with right data at your fingertips, mattering has never been so easy. Intelligent targeting that meets users where they are, real-time automated messaging to help you say the right thing when you find them, a single pane of glass that shows you what and why – Kumulos puts the power back in your hands (and not your competitors).

How is Mobile App Technology impacting your industry?

Reimagine your business at every level

Optimize onboarding

Outstanding Support

Rapidly understand what your audiences wants – then turn casual browsers into active, committed users through effortless onboarding experiences that users love.

Raise retention rates

Hook new users and engage them with personalised, relevant content -then use laser-focused insights to nurture active users and increase LTV.

Escalate engagement

Get eyes on your audience and their behavior, then use intelligent targeting to build campaigns that they love – and seek out.

Own the omnichannel

In-app, onsite or online, find out which channels are working hardest for you, and which need a leg up – then make it matter wherever your audience wants to connect.

Heighten the CX

Use rich media, precision-targeted messaging and hyper-relevant content to create value through conversations that matter.

Always on engagement

In-app, on your website or on-premise – holding onto your spot as a relevant Health & Fitness brand in 2021 means being able to cut through the noise and connect with your audience wherever they are. So we give you the intel, speed and tools to do that – and more! Get rapid, reliable user-intel across your entire omnichannel then join the dots across your marketing strategy to streamline user journeys, optimize engagement and turn casual interest into committed customers. Finally, reach out and touch your audience with undeniably relevant, contextual micro-moments – skyrocketing engagement, ramping up those retention figures and powering your future growth.

Re-invent resilience 

Whatever the challenges you’re facing this year, the ability to rapidly evolve and overcome complexity will be critical in helping you to meet them. First stop? Understanding the people who love your brand – then being able to act fast to meet their needs:

  • Quickly and easily leverage integrated analytics and smart reporting for unquestionable user insights
  • Intelligently target hyper-personalized messages through user and behaviour-based segmentation
  • And seamlessly automate user-aware micro-moments that lock in loyalty and elevate your reputation.

Make it count – wherever they are

From compelling customer connections to effortless engagement and retention, Kumulos gives you the reins to create meaningful, lasting value across every stage of the user journey with real-time, relevant, messaging:

  • Precision segmentation and targeting helps you uncover new and profitable opportunities to help boost app engagement – and re-engagement. 
  • Reach users when they’re already engaged, however they’re engaged, with personalized, contextual messaging – and uncover new opportunities for app monetization
  • Engage existing customers and re-engage lost users with intelligent targeting that delivers the perfect message at  the perfect time – every time.