Mobile Backend as a Service -mBaaS

With Kumulos we give you choice.

Some use Kumulos along side AWS, Azure, Rackspace or their preferred mBaaS provider. That still gives them our Monthly Reports, Push Notifications, App Store Optimization, Client Portal, Agency Console and more.  Others prefer to use Kumulos with our built-in mBaaS. The important thing is that you don’t have to use our mBaaS to get huge value out of Kumulos.

For those who use the Kumulos mBaaS, they like it because its the only only mBaaS purpose-built for Mobile App Development Businesses. This means we offer a range of features that make it a perfect fit for even the most demanding Mobile App Agency.

Kumulos lets you easily link your client-side mobile app to our back-end cloud based storage, run and manage push notifications, provide data storage, file storage, message queues, monitoring and configuration management. We let you bring more server-side services into your app in a quick and easy mobile friendly format.

 mBaaS Set-up and App Management, Made Easy

We take the complexity away from building and managing the server side of your app with our industry leading mBaaS.

mBaaSBuild the server-side infrastructure for your app in 5 simple steps with our drag and drop set up.

  • Create the app and give it a name
  • Create some tables and define the schema
  • Name the API methods
  • Deploy the API to our load-balanced servers
  • Download our SDK and integrate into the app project.

Kumulos sets you free from all the hassle of managing your own backend infrastructure. Let us worry about OAuth security model implementation, capacity planning, system upgrades, OS patching, maintenance windows and the rest, so you spend your time client-side building awesome rich in app experiences.

Saves you Time & Money. Dodge Bone-Crushing Monotony of Boiler Plate Coding

Kumulos eliminates the monotony of back end set up and management. We remove the need for redundant stack set for each app and the monotony of boilerplate code that you typically need to repeat for each OS and mobile device format.

Kumulos keeps all your apps within one simple, easy to maintain model. Perfect for the busy app agency with a roster of developers working across a range of client’s mobile apps.

mBaaS with a Huge Choice of Client SDK’s

Kumulos supports all the major devices and platforms. Whether your project is working with native, hybrid or web development tools Kumulos has libraries for you to download and install in your mobile app project. Our simple 5 stage, drag and drop, interface makes it easy to build your database tables, create a method, build your API and download bindings in minutes.


  • iOS (Obj-c, Swift)
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Xamarin
  • Unity
  • LUA Corona


  • PHP
  • ReactJS*
  • Angular JS
  • RESTful API
  • Java*


  • Windows(C#)
  • OSX (Obj-c, Swift)

*Coming soon

Highly Scalable mBaaS

Kumulos infrastructure is horizontally distributed across multiple industry leading cloud-service provider RackSpace. This delivers high availability, highly scalable app infrastructure and outstanding fault tolerance.

Multi-Tenant mBaaS

Kumulos is built to let you manage all your clients and all their apps through a single pane of glass. We put you in control.

Our Agency Console gives you individual logins for each member of your team, so they just see the apps for clients their working on. Each client can have their own login to browse and view valuable data and reports on the performance of their apps through our unique Client App Portal.

Make our mBaaS, your mBaaS

Fully rebrand Kumulos as yours, at every touch point; your logo, your colors and your own custom sub-domain. So when your client’s login to their App Portal to view their apps, it’s your brand they see, not ours.  Our automated client reporting, fully re-banded as yours, gives you a service that’s easy to offer as a monthly service for your customers. That way you stay close to your clients and position yourself perfectly for any follow on work.

Write Custom Server-side Code

KScripts gives the power of custom business logic in a high level language but without the hassle of managing the runtime environment. KScripts is JavaScript that runs on the server interacting with the backend databases so you programmatically tell the backend database what you need from it. This free form method allows you to build custom API’s easily and quickly.

Bring your Own Data Option

You’ve got a few options here with Kumulos; use our back-end storage or bring your own. If your apps need to use existing data sources or you just want to manage this yourself, then no problem. Kumulos’ Hookup feature lets you couple up your existing data sources and bring your own data into your app, saving you a lot of development time and hassle.

If you have an existing data-set you want to bulk import into Kumulos then we’ll do this for you, free of charge.

Access your Kumulos Data Through our Restful API

Easily access and use the Kumulos backend database with other systems and applications with our RESTful API.

RESTful interface to the data stored in your tables is accessible over SSL with a REST API key for your application. Each application may have multiple REST API keys with different combinations of permissions.

Bespoke mBaaS, if you need it

Out the box Kumulos is a cloud based system that fits with all but the most specialist needs. But we recognize that some of your customers could have very specific needs may require something non-standard.  A Hipaa compliant infrastructures for businesses working with Medical Professionals in the USA, for example. For these customers we provide a bespoke mBaaS infrastructure that we run on their behalf. Contact us for prices and more information.

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