Industries - Retail, QSRs & Customer Loyalty

Retail, QSRs & Customer Loyalty

End-to-end customer engagement. Amplify revenues, build resilience, and accelerate brand loyalty.

The Kumulos platform of services has been built from the ground up to give your team total data visibility, bridging the gaps and starting a meaningful, valuable conversation between your business and your customers – wherever they are. The result? Hyper-engaged, fiercely-loyal customers for QSRs and retailers who need to do more than pay lip service.

How is Mobile App Technology impacting your industry?

The mobile engagement platform – built to deliver again, and again and again.

Heighten engagement

Solve the main challenge apps have today: understand your audience and their behavior. Rapidly reach and re-engage them, create an irresistible and indispensable relationship customers will love.

Enrich the CX

Create meaningful, tangible value through personalized micro-moments. Send rich, hyper-personalized, super-relevant messages to enrich your customer experience – wherever they are.

Enhance footfall

Where are your customers, what are they doing? Integration with ePOS and location-based insights put the intel at your fingertips to start conversations that drive footfall and boost sales.

Deepen loyalty

Navigate channel complexity with ease, creating meaningful, two-way dialogue, and driving customer loyalty across your growing and increasingly diverse user-base.

Amplify retention

Hook new downloads and turn them into active users using laser-focused insights – and keep your customers coming back for more, long after you’ve closed the campaign doors.

Outstanding omnichannel experiences

Loyalty isn’t a one-way street – you’ve got to engage and nurture your customers on their terms to earn their love.

Loyalty isn’t a one-way street – you’ve got to engage and nurture your customers on their terms to earn their love. With your entire engagement ecosystem (mobile ecosystem?) unified by Kumulos – think push, in-app, web push, SMS, email, and more! – and its powerful omnichannel approach, you can wave goodbye to guesstimates and start navigating channel complexity like a pro, delivering bang-on-point messaging to each and every one of your customers and starting rich, rewarding conversations that make your brand easy to fall in love with – over and over again. Call it the chat-up line to end all chat-up lines (yep, even that one you’ve been using since 1999).

Clarity that converts, backed by insights that prove it

Need eyes on where customers are churning? Do you understand the ROI on that last campaign you shipped? Or maybe you need to quickly demonstrate that your last message increased footfall (and revenues)? You can!

Quality leads, profitable engagement, and long-term loyalty aren’t built on guesswork. Our intelligent, integrated engagement platform provides 360 visibility of campaign performance and valuable, actionable insights – the kind needed to future-proof for new growth and profitable opportunities. Opportunities that are helping our clients right now to easily and routinely deliver personalized, optimized creative campaigns that convert .. and which keep the revenues pouring in long after the campaign has ended.

Ultraprecise segmentation & targeting for a remarkable CX

Users, behavior, location: every successful campaign relies on a cache of critical intelligence to deliver the rich, hyper-relevant interactions that can quickly turn curiosity into conversion.

So our platform offers the savvy marketing team super-smart segmentation and precision-targeting, enabling the delivery of smart, location-aware, personalized messaging that lands wherever and whenever it needs to with pin-point accuracy. Our clients have called it the perfect pitch at the perfect moment with the perfect outcome – and who are we to argue.