Grow your Mobile App Dev Business on Kumulos

Kumulos delivers great features. But what’s the big deal?
Simply put, we help mobile app development businesses gain four key advantages for their business: win more projects, develop apps faster, get clients on retainer, and truffle hunt for new work.

Win More Projects


With more software developers competing for work, it’s getting harder to set yourself apart from the pack. Kumulos provides a set of tools that let you demonstrate how much more professional you are – real evidence that you’ll do a better job for them, even after their app is delivered.

  • Show prospects how they’ll get their own Client Portal to create their own Push Notifications and view results
  • Use it to see how their Appstore entries are performing side-by-side against their competitors
  • Show them the Weekly or Monthly Key Metrics Reports they’ll get if they work with you
  • Demonstrate how organized you are with a single repository of Client documents like proposals and updates
  • Use our “show-case” app as part of your pre-sales efforts to illustrate the huge added value they get if its you who builds their app.

Use Kumulos tools to show prospects real, tangible evidence that your care won’t stop at the water’s edge, that you’ll be there with them through the choppy waves once the app has been launched. Stand apart from the pack – and win more projects.

Try Kumulos today – with new or existing apps.

Develop Apps Faster


Kumulos is the system of choice for professional app developers across the globe. Let your developers work to a common standard, freeing them from the complexity and hassle of building and managing the server side of your apps. For just a few dollars per month per app, we take care of OAuth security model implementation, capacity planning, system upgrades, OS patching, maintenance windows and the rest, so you spend your time client-side, building rich in-app experiences.

Kumulos’ micro-services architecture all powered from a single SDK keeps all your apps within one simple, easy to maintain model. Perfect for the busy mobile app development business with a roster of developers/contractors working across a range of client’s mobile apps.

Huge Choice of Client-side SDK’s
Kumulos supports all major devices and platforms. Whether your project is working with native, hybrid or web development tools, Kumulos has libraries for you to download and install in your mobile app project. Our services set up makes it easy to add all the services you need to run the app and make sure its successful, including mBaaS, Analytics, Push Notifications, Crash Reporting and even App Store Optimization.

Highly Scalable, Highly Available Kumulos infrastructure is horizontally distributed across industry-leading cloud provider RackSpace. In partnership, we deliver a highly available, highly scalable app infrastructure and outstanding fault tolerance.

Multi-Tenant Architecture Let’s You Manage All Apps In One Single Pane of Glass Kumulos does away with multiple systems for multiple clients – or even one system multiple times to cover all your clients. Instead, you’re able to manage all your clients and all their apps through one single Agency Console. You get individual logins for each member of your team so they just see the apps for clients they’re working on.

 Try Kumulos today and see how it can put you in control.

Go Truffle Hunting


Mouth-watering follow-on development work can stay buried just below the surface – if you don’t keep the conversation going with your Client.

Use Kumulos to deliver a Weekly or Monthly Client Progress Report – always branded as yours. Or use the App Store Optimization module to quickly view how Clients are performing relative to their competitors. Or use our Push Notification system to develop a program of updates. Even our Crash Reporting feature can shine a light on issues that need attention and clients investment.

With Kumulos tools, you’ll always have a reason to meet with Clients, discuss progress and highlight opportunities to improve the app. You’ll help them be more successful, and you’ll increase your follow-on development work. Easy.

Kumulos users have the information to meet more regularly, speak with authority, and sell lucrative upgrades.

Go Truffle Hunting with Kumulos. Unearth some gems – and make more money. Sign up and give us a try today

Get Clients on Retainer


It’s no fun having to win project after project to keep the doors open. Kumulos users break the ‘build-chuck-hunt’ cycle of the app development business by deploying a range of tools to sell an on-going, recurring Customer Care Program. Build your own package from our range of options. For one low monthly fee, you can deliver real value:

  • Deliver App Store Analytics showing how your Clients’ apps compare against their competitors, by keywords, by reviews, by star rankings, by geography and more.
  • Schedule Automatic Weekly or Monthly (branded as yours – not ours) showing app metrics such as usage, platform, location and more.
  • Set up a Client Portal that lets them easily view real-time analytics about, for instance, the effectiveness of a Push Campaign on active user rates and App Store reviews. Or organise their own Push Notifications and view results.

Throw in regular post-launch review meetings. With our tools, you can talk in detail about their app’s progress – and prospect for follow-on development work.

Construct your own Monthly Care package for a regular, recurring fee. Generate more revenue from every project – and breathe more easily.

Give Kumulos a try. Sign up today for a full system free trial and see how easy it is to get your app projects on retainer.