Kumulos Works For Everyone

The Kumulos platform is helping businesses of all shapes and sizes maximize their potential.

Used by Enterprise, Mid-sized and Startups across the world to deliver greater success from their mobile apps. Our unique combination of services means that we are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to drive more users to your app and once they are there, keep them using your app for longer.

Kumulos also helps Mobile App Development Companies deliver a higher level of service for their customers. The system is white-label, so you can offer Kumulos as “your” platform. This lets you deliver a service that gets your customers on retainer and helps you grow your business.

For Businesses

Kumulos works for businesses of all shapes and sizes. At scale with millions of daily active users for some of the world’s largest enterprises or for start-ups. We don’t mind which.

Our platform solves a range of business problems. From driving more users into their mobile app or even creating footfall for retail, quick-serve restaurants and hospitality businesses with our intelligent proximity marketing features.

For Mobile App Development Firms

Mobile App Development Agencies or Software Development firms specializing in Mobile Apps make Kumulos work for them. They brand our platform as theirs, create logins for their customers and use Kumulos as a core component of the premium service they offer.

We help them stand out from the crowds, deliver more value and keep their mobile app customers close.

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