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Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS)

Mobile Backend as a Service, sometimes referred to as mBaaS in the abbreviation happy tech world, refers to the practice of using a service provider to power the backend services – such as business logic and data management – of an app. The purpose of using an mBasS provider is to take care of all the technical infrastructure necessities needed behind the scenes for an app to work properly.

This lets developers concentrate on the important stuff – like making their apps better.

What is Mobile Backend as a Service?

Most Apps consist of two main parts –

  • Client Side (front end)
  • Server side (back end).

The Client Side consists of the App UI – basically the part of the App that the user interacts with.

mBaaS sits on the Server Side, where it does a couple of different jobs

  • App Logic
  • App Data Management

Keeping these two services separate makes a lot of sense when it comes to building apps. For example, functions such as logins, geolocation services, file uploads and push notifications can be coded the same and reused by any app

In order to connect to these backend services, client side applications connect using an Application Prototype Interface, also known as an API (warned you about the abbreviations). These APIs are then, in turn, bundled up in libraries known as Software Development Kits or SDKs (yep, another).

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Why Use mBaaS?

In short? Because it saves time. A LOT.  There’s no setting up a customized backend – because your provider has already done it for you! This lets you focus your development efforts on the things that matter, like giving your users an awesome app experience. Also, because you don’t have to worry about what’s going on behind the scenes on the server side, using mBaaS gives you easier scalability. Your latest kitten app getting too many users? No problems. Your mBaaS provider can ramp up things behind the curtain to give your app the power and flexibility it needs. And, lastly, let’s not forget analytics. Because your Mobile Backend as a Service provider is serving up APIs at their end, they’ll have access to all the traffic analytics. Taking a look at your API usage is a fantastic way to optimize and improve your app.

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What is the best mBaaS provider?

Thought you might ask that. And good thing you came to the right place to ask that question. Kumulos is recognized by a wide range of industry experts as one of the clear leaders in its field. What’s more it uniquely serves the specific needs of busy app development businesses with a wide range of agency specific features, designed with making you money in mind.

We take away the heavy lifting around building and managing the server-side components of your clients mobile app build, so you focus on what’s important, giving your customers an awesome in-app experience.

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