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Why Mobile App Developers Use Kumulos

We ask a lot of questions here at Kumulos. We want to know what it is about our platform that makes life easier for mobile app developers and this is what we consistently get told.

  • Easy to use – lightning fast to get a new client or a new app up and running.
  • Easy pricing – pricing that you don’t need a PHD to figure out costs each month.
  • Easy on the eye – intuitive & logical interface with a clean and modern design.


Why Do Developers Choose Kumulos?

Time and time again it’s the fact that we make it easy for mobile app development companies to build a service layer into their business.

We give them services that are easy to sell and simple to deliver. Services that build monthly recurring revenue so customers just keep paying even after their app goes live. A monthly income that takes the edge off those monthly running costs and keeps money rolling in regardless of how busy you are. And the best bit – services that mean you stay close to your customers and keep the dialogue flowing so you pick up all the follow-on work.

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All your clients, all their apps, all in one place.

We give you your very own single pane of glass to manage all your live and in development app projects. You can give login permissions to all or just one app, great if you’re using a contractor to help you on one of your projects. This lets you group all your apps under each client so you can easily see the status of all our apps all in one place.

This is your mission control. The place that you manage all the services you provide for all your clients. This is also an awesome sales tool to show prospective clients just how on top of things you are. More Information


Your Clients each get their very Own App Portal where they login and see how their app is doing. It’s also the place for them to edit the content of their app with our easy to use App CMS. This gives them the power to take control of their content, and keeps those annoying minor text edits out your hair. It’s also the place where you can store all your project documents, view stats on how the app is performing, track rankings in Google and Apple app stores and manage push notification campaigns.

Giving each customer their very own place to view and manage their app, now that’s a service your clients will be happy to pay monthly for. More Information

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User Opinion Monitoring


Answering your customers’ questions before they even ask them, now that’s client service. Well, the Kumulos App Report gives you that. Automatically generated each month covering all the things your clients care about – how many active devices, what platforms, where are my users, what bits of my app are they using most, how well is my app performing and more.

The report automatically gets stored on their App Portal, so everything stays in one place. But that’s not the best bit. The report is your very own Opportunity Detector – showing you where your client needs help to make their app better. More, they’ll pay you monthly for the report and then pay you for the additional work you’ll do – so you make money twice.


And of course it’s you’re brand your clients see every time they log in, view your reports, edit their app content and the rest. Kumulos is fully rebrandable even down to the custom domain your customer app portals are hosted on.

You keep your customers close so it’s you they come to with all their mobile app needs.

Kumulos – Recurring Revenue Generating Services Layer For Your Mobile App Agency.