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Kumulos Beta 2: What’s Going Down?

Well it’s finally upon us; the launch of Kumulos Beta 2 is now imminent. The geeks have been super busy in the Kumulos development laboratory, crunching copious quantities of code and pizza. We’ve been collating all your feedback and weaving your feature requests into reality. I want to touch base and tell you all about some of the things that you’ll see in the new revamped system and explain when they are likely to happen.

So what’s the deal? Well firstly, Beta 2 will give you the ability to host data on an external MySQL server. You will be able to create, manage and operate tables on your own server. This will be super easy to control and enable you to manage data in a really simple way, just like using the cloud. This means you can benefit from all the cool features using Kumulos but retain direct access and control of your data. It’s something many of you have been asking for and it’s something we’ve done to make your development projects less painful.

In addition, you’re going to see new OSX and iOS libraries and support for HTTPS in the beta.kumulos.com control panel. We’ve fixed a bunch of common bugs thanks to your input and support requests and successfully managed to resolve a major technical issue with string data being returned as an integer. You will see all of these these changes take affect on Monday 14th March.

There are some additional things that you should be aware of as we move swiftly into the second phase of Beta. As the tech guys enable HTTPS, the IP address for beta.kumulos.com will change. If you experience any problems accessing the control panel, please try flushing your DNS cache. We are now using a new Twitter account @kumulosdev to give you the latest updates and news on technical development. We have also set up a Facebook group called ‘Kumulos Beta’. Please check it out and help to spread some positive vibes.

We now have a PHP binding class available here. We are also aware of an unfortunate memory leak in the existing iOS and OSX libraries. This will also be resolved and the new libraries will be available to coincide with the release of Beta 2.

I’d like to thank you all personally for your input and support throughout the development of the first phase of beta. Your willingness to communicate and provide ongoing feedback is hugely appreciated. It helps us to understand what you want and we use this information to build bodacious new tools and feature sets to help you develop sweet apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX. I’m totally pumped about the launch of Beta 2 and look forward to seeing you all on the new system. As always, feel free to contact me directly through email using [email protected]



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