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New Kumulos Bindings Released

So What’s New?

Well we’ve rebuilt the API server to solve some of the typing issues that people were encountering and also rebuilt the Objective-C library that handles all the nitty-gritty connections. We’ve also made some improvements to the bindings that you use in your code, if your currently using Kumulos in a project you will likely find that you need to make some small alterations to your callback functions when you integrate the new bindings.

Here’s a list of what we’ve fixed:
  • NSData and NSDate now return properly an no longer need additional code to convert from string
  • UTF8 characters are now correctly handled.
  • If you save a number into a string field, it is now correctly returned as a string – not an integer 🙂
  • NSData and NSDate now return properly an no longer need additional code to convert from string
  • Memory leaks have been fixed
And here’s what we’ve added:
  • Callback methods now have the correct input parameter type (previously, all callback methods had (NSArray*)theResults)
  • All Kumulos* class methods now return a KSAPIOperation*, this allows you to tag API calls – just like you can with UIViews.
  • Callback methods are now passed the operation that completed the API call. This allows you to handle the response depending on the specific call that was made.
  • You can now cancel operations once they’ve started
Where Do I Get Them?

Just log into Kumulos and rebuild your APIs with the ‘Build API’ link in the API panel. This lets our server re-compile the server side API code and generate your new bindings. You find the latest library file in the .zip file download. Simple!

What Do I Change In My Code?

You’ll most likely have make slight changes in your callback functions. Callback functions are now aware of the kind of actions being performed by the API, so if your callback is for an API that performs an update it will be passed an NSNumber containing the new records ID. Although this happened on the old bindings the ID was buried in an NSArray. If your API is returning a set of records from a ‘select’ action, your callback function will be passed an NSArray as before, but please note that the array is now called “theResults” and not “theResult”.
If you handle date or data fields in your app, you’ll need to remove the workarounds that were required in the previous bindings. Date and data fields are now returned as proper NSDate and NSData objects – this makes saving and loading images much, much easier!

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