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Kumulos Needs You!

Ok, we’ve been quiet. Many of you have been asking, what’s going on behind the scenes at Kumulos? Well, it’s time to come up for air and tell you the story. Since our last update, we’ve introduced new bindings. These were designed to help you with the laborious task of handling dates and data. We want to know if the update has succeeded in making your lives less painful. Talk to us about it.

We want to tell you about some of the stuff that we’re going to do. We also want to tell you about some of the stuff that we might do, depending on whether or not you want it. If you don’t want it, there’s no point, right?

We are going to separate file storage from the database. In terms of hosting files, we are going to create a new field specifically for this purpose. This has distinct advantages over using a data field in the database. Why? Well for starters, your file transfers will be faster, as files will be stored and delivered via the Rackspace CDN. Isn’t that cool?

Also, your API’s will be faster too as the request and data will be sent separately. You will soon have the option to access related data without waiting for files to transfer. We’re pretty sure this is something you’re going to want. As such, this feature is in the ‘definitely going to do’ pile, rather than the ‘we want to see what you think first’ pile. This should make managing a UI simpler, as you can lazy load stuff as it’s needed making your app interfaces speedier and more responsive.

So what are the Kumulos geeks brewing up? They have some ideas, but need to know what you guys think. You’re the important ones right? I spoke to the chief Kumulos geek today. He doesn’t speak back, just blinks to indicate yes/no answers. He suggested that he wants to implement an extended UI image class. The only uncertainty he suggests is whether our trusty users will want to see this in place.

This feature would provide a class that makes it easy for you to upload and download images from Kumulos. It would handle all asynchronous downloading and would enable you to produce your apps without writing nearly as much code. This could potentially enable you to do many new weird and wonderful things with your apps.

Please contact us with your thoughts and feedback.

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