Example Photo Storage App & iOS Bindings Update

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been putting together a nifty example app which stores photos in Kumulos, and it will be landing with you next week. Learn how to model the data stores in the backend, and retrieve them through an API service from the app. It’s the perfect springboard which will allow you to get a handle on using our cloud service to enhance your mobile app projects.

In addition to this tutorial app, we’ve released an updated iOS ARC library which addresses a data storage issue affecting some users.

With the update and forthcoming tutorial, you’ll be armed to deliver even more feature-rich apps to your clients with less effort and fewer technical challenges.

We love to hear what you’re building with our backend as a service, so if you’re putting together the next Instagram or Draw Something, drop us a line and tell us why it’s cool (email Chris on c.wyllie@kumulos.com).

The Kumulos Team